Kerwin’s homeland is Full of Beans

Caymanian artist Kerwin Ebanks showcases his magnificent portfolio at Full of Beans from Tuesday, 3 April. 

Kerwin says that 2011 was busy for him and the monthlong exhibition is an opportunity to showcase what he’s been up to. 

“The monthlong exhibit will feature a cross-section of my portfolio, all pieces exhibited are available for sale at lower prices. 

“If any of the exhibits – which all displayed different paintings – were missed last year then this would be the ideal opportunity to view a bit of each,” he says. 

Indeed, when Kerwin returns to Full of Beans, it is also a chance to go back to the scene of his first solo exhibition, Journey, which ran throughout February 2011. So what else has been happening? 

“I also had solo exhibits at ATC Trustees (Weekends) in July and Butterfield Place in November (Edges). 

“I also arranged a large travelling solo in November and December at four venues housing four separate bodies of work collectively titled Wort’ They Salt and I was also a part of two of The Ritz-Carlton Gallery’s shows – Summer Blossoms and Embark,” he tells us. 


Cayman’s culture 

The Full of Beans show is titled Homeland Fair. 

“It is a bit of an arrival at realising several distinct styles I’ve developed over the past two years after much experimentation and research but more of feeling my way along. I trust that I have articulated a cross-section of Cayman’s culture – its heritage, politics, social norms, family values, religious ideals.  

“In late 2011, after committing to several exhibits, I began to use all of these different styles to show the range of my creativity. Most of my experiments and thoughts found their way to canvas but still rooted very much in an awareness of our Homeland Fair,” 

So if you’re interested in Kerwin’s interpretations of the Cayman Islands, head to Full of Beans. It might well make us all re-assess what these wonderful islands mean to us, too. 


The exhibition opens to the public with a reception at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 3 April; canapes will be provided to guests. 

Moments Kerwin

Moments, by Kerwin Ebanks.

The Backyard

The Backyard, by Kerwin Ebanks.