Magnificent motors, Batman

Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero, or at least having access to one of their many crime-fighting toys? Well the Cayman Motor Museum can make that dream come true!  

This Saturday, 31 March the original Batmobile is the Car of the Month, meaning that visitors can actually sit in the iconic vehicle and have their picture taken. 

Back in the days before Christian Bale, George Clooney and even Michael Keaton, Adam West was man by day; bat by night. The Batman television series was wildly popular in the late-1960s and the Batmobile became one of the most recognised cars in the world. To promote the show throughout the country, producers commissioned a number of them to be built by the famous Jay Orhrberg of Jay Orhrberg Star Cars in Hollywood, California, known also for the “Back to the Future” DeLorean, Knight Rider’s KITT and the Pink Panther car. Not all of the Batmobile models were working vehicles, but the one at the Cayman Motor Museum is a fully operational automobile. 

It was purchased by Andreas Ugland at auction in 2007, and included a photograph signed by Adam West and George Barris, the car’s creator. When he and his wife, Natalie, decided to build the Cayman Motor Museum, the Batmobile was an obvious choice for one of the displays. It sits on a platform specifically designed to accommodate its extraordinary length, featuring a Gotham City backdrop and of course, the bat signal. 

This is a perfect car for the whole family to enjoy. Parents and grandparents should get a shot of nostalgia when coming face-to-face with this blast from the past, and children will not be able to resist the shiny black machine that looks like no other. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the day, as Batman will no doubt be roaming about the museum ready to pose for pictures … when he’s not fighting crime, of course. 

The museum is open on Saturday from 9am to 5pm with a special entrance fee for local residents. Photos are an additional charge, but a couple of people can be photographed at the same time for one price. The picture is printed while you wait, and it is placed in a museum frame for a great keepsake. 

All bat signals lead to the Cayman Motor Museum at Northwest Point this Saturday where for one day people have a chance to be a superhero and sit in a piece of Hollywood history. 


For more information call 947-7741. 


Leaping into action! – Photo: Vicki Wheaton