Online Poll: Bush likely to be next premier

A poll of readers of the Caymanian Compass shows that nearly a third of respondents believe McKeeva Bush will remain premier after the next election. 

Of the 739 people who responded to the online poll, 235 – or 31.8 per cent – said Mr. Bush would likely be Cayman’s next premier, with the Leader of the Opposition Alden McLaughlin coming a close second with 198 votes, or 26.8 per cent. 

The poll question asked: “Who do you think will most likely be Cayman’s premier after the next general election?”, giving the options as McKeeva Bush, Alden McLaughlin, Ezzard Miller, Other and Who cares?. 

Independent North Side MLA Ezzard Miller came in fourth position, with 75 votes, or 10.2 per cent, behind the “Who cares?” option, which 162 people, or 21.9 per cent, chose. 

A respondent who felt Mr. Bush would return as premier wrote: “McKeeva will be the first king of the Cayman Islands for sure. The others are full of air and not weight.” Another wrote: “He’s the only choice at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll start grooming some new blood to take over leadership at some point, and let’s hope it isn’t Ellio [Solomon]!” 

Another wrote: “I’m not enamoured with McKeeva Bush, but Alden McLaughlin? No thank you. Ezzard Miller? A big no thank you. After that, who else is there?” 

Respondents who opted for Alden McLaughlin had more to say about Mr. Bush than about Mr. McLaughlin in their comments. One wrote: “I don’t think Caymans will have a place to call home if McKeeva Bush and his UDP puppets are returned to office. What little we do have left will be sold off completely.” 

Another wrote: “McKeeva should be barred from politics because of his Windsor Development Ltd. involvement”, – an apparent reference to an investigation involving Mr. Bush. 

Respondents who opted for “Other” put forward other potential candidates, including politicians Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden, Captain Eugene Ebanks and Mike Adam from the United Democratic Party and Moses Kirkconnell and Arden McLean from the People’s Progressive Movement. 

Other suggestions included Ritz-Carlton developer Mike Ryan, attorney Sherri Bodden-Cowan, radio talk show host Sterling Dwayne Ebanks, West Bay resident Cadian Ebanks, Turtle Farm managing director Tim Adam, businessman Ken Dart, Mitzi’s Fine Jewellery owner Mitzi Callan, dive industry veteran Ron Kipp, Governor Duncan Taylor and Caymanian Compass journalist Alan Markoff. Another respondent even suggested Mickey Mouse get in on the action. 

Some readers called for new blood in Cayman’s political arena and a move away from the current party political system.  

One wrote: “Hopefully someone new steps up – they need only speak English and have a pulse.” One “Other” voter responded: “Hoping that some other intelligent young professional makes a bid,” while another wrote: “Anyone but those idiots listed here.” 

Another reader wrote: “We need new independent leaders to take our country back from the party political wars that are destroying the people and the country. We deserve representation from those who will protect the interest of all.” 

One of the 75 respondents who felt Mr. Miller would be the next premier said: “Many may say that Ezzard Miller is not cut out to lead such a role for the Cayman Islands. That might have been 10-plus years ago, but the changes that have taken place in our own small backyard has grown into my living room and my kids’ bedroom, meaning Caymanians have now come to the breaking point to do or die for their babies… The time has come for Caymanians to see, bear and eats its fruits with Miller Time!” 

Another person who chose the Ezzard Miller option wrote: “If the same politicians who are in power now are in the majority in the 2013 elections, then I believe the best choice as premier for the next four years would definitely be Ezzard Miller; however, I would like to see another person, new to the political scene, emerge as premier … I’m tired of representatives looking after their own interests first…” 

More than a fifth of respondents chose the “Who cares?” option. One cynic wrote: “None of them are interested in what’s good for Cayman, only their own pockets.”  

Another respondent commented: “There is not one single person who is currently in the running that I would vote for. There are plenty of intelligent Caymanians who could do better but, they won’t, of course, because for the most part Caymanians are simply too greedy and are only out for themselves first. Sad. Very sad.” 


Next week’s poll question 

In what circumstances should the government be allowed to make a compulsory purchase order to take private land? 

To build a road 

To build a shopping mall 

To build a church 

To create a park 

Under no circumstances 


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  1. This poll does not conclude anything. Over 15,000 registered voters in Cayman and 739 is not even .05% of the voters. A very large percentage of Caymanians are disillusioned by Mr. Bush and I highly doubt he stands much of a chance of being re-elected as Premier. I do not know if any of the other members are any better qualified to hold this position but I do know for sure he is not.

  2. The head line should read, Clear majority don’t think Bush will be next Premier and many of those that do are despondent about that prospect. BTW – There is no indication that the respondents to the poll are even voters.

  3. Disillusioned by Mr bush how?

    Explain to me, how someone who is actually trying to get things done (so we as an island can generate money and create jobs for Caymanian people) is the bad guy?

    what…because he didn’t consult you first, on what you want and don’t want? Guess what, no matter who you vote in. They do not need your permission. That is the whole idea of government. One person speaks for the majority.

    So if you think voting Mr Bush out is going to change the way government works. Life is going to be long and miserable for any of you who think that.

    Someone is going to need to just go ahead, and do something, without listening to the voters. Because if any premiere had to listen to the voters after being voted in, NOTHING would get done here.

    No one likes change.

    But unless each and every one of you are all economists, with a civil engineering and finance degree, with a splash of experience running a country. You need to all shut up, and allow for change by progress. THEN if the jobs don’t come, THEN do your protests.

    Love it how everyone thinks they know more than the premier, who has an entire staff and experts on demand, helping him try to create new jobs. And yet everyone thinks they know more than the Premier.

    Lets all protest…everything. And then complain when nothing gets done, and no jobs are being created.

  4. The only thing that does not change is the animosity towards the political leader following general elections! Regardless of who it is! On election day and the 3 months following they are very popular, then, that person makes a decision and it’s all down hill from there!In order for someone to qualify for the position of Premier, first and foremost, that person needs to be a leader, I.e. have other elected persons willing to follow. Only the current Premier has that so this poll result makes sense.

  5. Big berd, what is he getting done except putting us deeper in debt ? Oh, yes, he is getting things done. Getting his passport filled with stamps from travelling all over the globe on the Government’s dollar.

  6. It has come to a point where I really dont care who gets into power next election. It seems as one gets in, a rat is found or something stinks the air, and the history repeats itself. This is not just in Cayman, but all over the world.

    In the final analysis, I can only hope and pray that whoever gets in, sustains a sound morality and integrity, which every decision will be based off such a foundation. Then I can only think about me and doing the best I can do for my family and community – not through politics, but through the inter-connection of knowing people.

    It just doesnt matter who gets in anymore. I have lost all confidence in huma-kind when they get their hands on power, a little wealth, and opportunities. It is like the day I see one of them running, I already have made up in my mind that they are doing so not for the people, but mainly for themselves. The moment I hear someone thirsting for power, I say to myself the power has corrupted that one indefinitely. I am so sorry that I have to be so negative, but I see a repetitious cycle that can never be fixed because it boils down to the individual’s character, which many times they concealed until elected.

    I have arrived at the conclusion that the best governance, is your personal self-governance, love, duty, and service to your fellow man. Putting God first or becoming one with God… that is the politics. Why stress yourself over human beings in high places, when there is that one that is higher than us, and it boils down to how we conduct our affairs in this short span of a life – the beautiful Cayman Islands.


  7. If this is true, he would be here facing the nation on the one man one vote or crime issues instead of sending his associate to take the heat. Hiding in the tall grass in Cuba is not a winning formula for reelection or effective leadership. Truthfully, I see a regime in its last throws life, fighting a battle of survival giving up one body at a time until the voters pull the plug.

  8. Hate to break it to you guys, but Bush will be the next Premier. There is no one on the slate that can remotely lead, nor have the slightest idea or plan for the country. Especially the likes of Ezzard and Alden. Whether you like them or not, the opposition offer zilch and that just the reality of things. Further, the only other realistic candidate for premiership whom can lead is Ellio Solomon.

    The only reason Ellio won’t make next premier is next election because 1) he’s only one term in, and 2) Mac will retain the helms one more term. Like or not, its a just a fact.

    The fact is also, no one is more articulate, clear and deliberate than Ellio. And unless something miraculously changes. He will be next premier, as he should be. You won’t see Ellio getting up waffling on any subject or project in public.

    Anyone who doesn’t see this my now, is disillusioned about reality. This guy clearly has what it takes, and its undeniable.

  9. AJ, I have to agree with you. Mac is the only one I see trying to come up with solutions for the current state of the economy. I haven’t heard one suggestion from anyone else. I think some of his ideas are good and some are bad like the the CHEC deal. But it does seem like he’s at least willing to consider a lot of different options before condemning them. While the others just seem to be against everything. And Cayman does need solutions..

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