Nicole eyeing Cayman gospel

When gospel singer Nicole C. Mullen visits Grand Cayman, she will spread the joy of the genre.

The vocalist appears on Friday and Saturday, 30-31 March, for free concerts at Cayman Islands Baptist Church om Pedro Castle Road in Savannah, starting at 7.30pm. It will be her first visit to the Cayman Islands, but she has visited other places in the Caribbean.

“I have been to Jamaica and others, but never Cayman so I am looking forward to it. I also went to Turks & Caicos but we actually got rained out. It was beautiful though, I still enjoyed my stay,” she says.

“The audiences were great. Even though people may have different accents, cultures, dialects we see people dance, laugh, cry with us. We have always received a great welcome and I am grateful for that,” Nicole says.

The Grammy award-winner has dreams of spreading the gospel worldwide.

“I have talked about perhaps doing a worldwide album with me duetting with people from different countries, lands and dialects so that may be some time on the horizon,” she says. “In the meantime I am busy in the week with our mentorship programmes; it is on the weekend that I travel and am on stage.”

Investing the seed

Nicole works with children and says she would like to see this expand to other parts of the world. In order to set up a similar club, she says, you do not require a lot of money but a lot of love, prayer, time and a listening ear.

“Someone who wants to invest not just for the short term but the long term. I have been learning a lot about planting seeds; in order to get a harvest later on you have to prepare the ground, remove debris, turn the soil in the right way. Once it sprouts it brings forth life and produces fruit,” she says.

“This is the same as what we do with the kids. It’s not overnight; you have to make sure the heart is right to receive prayer. You have to go back and water it with hugs, love, listening ears, time. Then we begin to see the harvest,” she says.

Of course, sometimes the seeds fall on rocky ground, she adds, or shallow ground where there is not enough room for strong roots.

“I am learning about this; in the life of these kids some bring forth good seeds quickly and some are here for years but do not produce because the ground is not right. But my path is to be found faithful and doing the right thing over and over again. That is my goal,” says Nicole.

Gospel music, she adds, has touched people through the years.

“People are always looking for hope, regardless of hope, season, style of music – something positive to lift their spirits, lift their hearts,” she says. “Gospel music means good news. I have been honoured to be able to sing about the good news of Jesus Christ and I have found hope which I can share with people.”

Doors open at 6.30pm on Friday and Saturday with performance at 7.30pm sharp.

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