Going tapeless, it’s about time


The people in the know about all things hurricane have issued an advisory to those of us who live in hurricane prone areas: Stop taping up your glass windows and doors during a cyclonic event. Many of us have known for years that taping up glass doesn’t do any good during a hurricane. The thought process is (and has always been) that the tape will help keep the glass from shattering into small pieces and help make cleanup after the storm easier.  But in fact taping glass could make the shards larger and more dangerous. And if there isn’t a glass shattering storm, homeowners and renters are left with a sticky tape mess to clean up following the storm’s passage.

We have heard people scoff at the idea that the folks at the National Hurricane Conference just held in Orlando, Florida, used part of their time to debunk the hurricane tape myth. But we believe it is an issue that should be addressed and finally put to bed.

A survey commissioned by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes and conducted online by Harris Interactive during the period of 25-27 January found that nearly seven out of 10 homeowners in hurricane prone states in the United States still think that windows and glass doors should be taped in preparation for a hurricane. Masking tape, duct tape, window film and specially marketed “hurricane tape” are insufficient and potentially dangerous substitutions for tested and approved hurricane shutters, impact-resistant windows or properly installed temporary, emergency plywood shutters.

Hurricane season, while predicted to be mild this year, is only three months away. And honestly, no human has yet to know exactly what any hurricane season is going to blow our way.

So ditch the tape.

If you haven’t gotten your home outfitted with stylish yet functionable shutters, make a call today and get a professional out to do measurements and give you a quote.

If shutters are out of your price range, invest in some plywood and a bit of elbow grease.

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