Mackay returns

The Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association held its annual general meeting and elected a new board of directors.

The new board sees the return to the presidency of Peter Mackay, a long-time supporter of swimming and the father of Cayman Islands Olympic swimmer Andrew


“I am happy to return to the Board,” said Mackay. “2012 is going to be a great year for swimming. Shaune and Brett Fraser have qualified for the Summer Olympics; the first Technical Director for swimming, coach Ian Armiger has been appointed; competitive age group swimming is experiencing an explosive growth and the constant presence of masters swimming, open water swimming and triathlons all add up to 2012 being an exciting and eventful year.”

Other elected officers for the 2012-13 Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association board are Michael Lockwood (Vice-President), Adrien Royston (Treasurer), Pam Abbott (Secretary) and Jim Fraser, Frankie Flowers, Sook Yin, Brenda McGrath and Ed Weber (Directors). Each brings a unique perspective to the board and come from varying swimming backgrounds.

Past president Tom McCallum thanked the outgoing board members for their hard work and dedication during what was a busy year and in the closing comments of the president’s report he inspired the association’s membership by saying: “We have strong foundations in place, but my last thought is that there are no limits to how high we can build this building, other than those we place on ourselves.”

With both the incoming and outgoing presidents focused on opportunity it is safe to say that swimming in the Cayman Islands will continue to grow and flourish.

The swimming association’s board of directors meet every month and those who are interested in finding out more about the organisation can email [email protected]

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