Coewood Beach ramp nearly done

Work on the Coewood Beach Enhancement Project is under way in Bodden Town and the boat ramp, curbing and sidewalk works along the southern side of Grand Cayman are complete.  

While the entire project should be completed sometime in June, boaters and fishermen should be able to launch boats by the end of April, said project manager Niasa Ross. 

The Coewood Beach, public parking lot and boat ramp area is more than 10,000 square feet and is located on a parcel of land that is more than 37,000 square feet.  

The estimated cost of the entire project is $500,000. The cost of the current phase is about $200,000.  

Work on the market stalls are a second part of the Coewood Beach Enhancement Project and will be carried out by the Cayman Islands Public Works Department. This element of the project will commence once the Department of Planning has given approval.  

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, the deputy premier of the Cayman Islands and the Minister of District Administration Works, Lands and Agriculture, toured the site and said she was pleased to see the project near completion. 

“The people of Bodden Town have been ready for this boat ramp – a place that they were about to launch their boats within the districts, rather than go to other districts.  

The work looks good and I was happy to be able to collaborate with my colleagues Minister Mark Scotland [and Member of the Legislative Assembly] Dwayne Seymour,” Ms O’Connor-Connolly said. “This will be a good area for tourists and families to enjoy, once the project is completed, and overall it will enhance the lives of our people.”  

Cabinet Minister Mark Scotland said, “This site is popular with local fishermen and will also be well-received by recreational boaters, especially now that summer is coming. When the project is complete, it will be a much more enjoyable place for families and the community.  

We are grateful for the funding from DAWL&A Ministry and the honourable deputy premier, which allowed us to renovate and enhance this site for the people of Bodden Town.” 

Bodden Town MLA Dwayne Seymour said he was also appreciative that the Ministry saw the need for the boat ramp and beach enhancement project in Bodden Town.  

Clarence McLaughlin, owner of C & R Building and Renovation Company, the company responsible for the curbing, parking lot and boat ramp sections said he was happy for the work and noted that he and his employees are from the district of Bodden Town. 

“It is being built and I am building it. I am trying to get the contract finished as soon as possible. Everyone one is happy and people will soon be able to launch their boats.  

I have about two to three weeks left of work,” 
he said. 

Coewood beach

Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration Works, Lands and Agriculture Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Acting Deputy Chief Officer Jonathon Jackson discuss the project with contractor Clarence McLaughlin, centre, during a recent site visit. – Photo: Submitted

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