Grease is the word for students


The story of 1950s school sweethearts Danny and Sandy is a legendary cinematic moment. 

And now that unforgettable tale is the focus of Cayman Prep & High School’s latest musical. 

Grease is performed at 7pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 19-21 April, with a matinee also at 3pm on Saturday and the popular musical looks set to capture the imagination. 

“We were really keen to pick a popular musical with a great musical sound track,” explains director Kathryn Griffiths. 

“We thought that Grease would not only be an exciting and energetic show to put on, but would appeal to our talented male students.” 

Putting on a musical such as this brings new friendships and a more in-depth appreciation of the theatrical process for the students, adds Kathryn, who said it presented an opportunity for the youngsters also to shine. 

“We worked it out that for every student that won a lead role in the production, there were around four students that we had to disappoint. It may be their time ‘to shine’ next time – we always try to vary principal students from year to year. 

“To maximise student participation, we have cast a younger and an older principal cast, with each set of students bringing different elements to the show. Our younger Danny and Sandy (Sam Bernstein and Eden Bowyer) bring a sense of innocence and vulnerability to their roles, whilst the older duo (Lewis Robertson and Meghan Milward) portray a more mature connectivity between their characters,” says Kathryn. 


Background heroes 

A production such as this often starts preparation a year in advance although it’s around four months of concerted hard work to finally pull things together, adds the director, who also points out that whilst the performers are the most visible, there is much work in the background that enables the show to go on at all. 

“It is easy to get caught up in what happens onstage, but without our set painters, lighting and sound engineers and production team, there would be no show. This small army of parent, teacher and student volunteers work quietly in the background to make sure that every aspect of the show is alright on the night. 

“Their jobs range from sourcing a set of hubcaps on-island and kindly running them through their dishwasher, to muting microphones at the appropriate time so that the audience doesn’t hear anything that they shouldn’t and ensuring that the garbage can is meticulously placed on stage in order for Patty to be pushed into,” says Kathryn. 

Musical theatre has become cool again through such shows as Glee, Weekender notes, although not everyone is enamoured of that programme, including the director. 

“Dare I say that I am not a fan of Glee myself (ignoring the gasps of horror!). 

“However, I do love the fact that it has breathed new life into so many classic songs-subsequently introducing them to a whole new generation of music fan.”
Something that live performances of shows such as Grease will always do, too. We’re off to put Brylcreem in our hair and seek out that old leather jacket… 

Tickets are available from Cayman Prep and High School office. Adults $15, Students age 5 to 18 $10 and Kids younger than 5, $5. 

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