Celebrate Earth Day 2012 slated


Earth Day will be celebrated around the world on 22 April. Now in its 42nd year, Earth Day unites people of all nationalities and backgrounds in a push for a sustainable future. 

This year’s theme is “Mobilise the Earth”. Amid widespread frustration that environmental issues seem to have taken a backseat while troubled economies are being addressed, Earth Day 2012 aims to put pressure on governments to do more to protect the environment and spread the message that “the Earth can’t wait.”  

Many Cayman Islands residents voice similar complaints that not enough is done in the Islands to reduce, reuse and recycle.  

Camana Bay will be celebrating its Earth Day a few days ahead of schedule on 18 April and its celebrations aim to highlight the ways in which a person can do one’s part here in Grand Cayman to be greener, and how easy it can be.  

One of the main attractions will be Camana Bay’s new glass pulveriser, located next to the Pavilion. Members of the public may bring their used glass bottles and jars to be crushed.  

Glass and aluminium recycling stations are also located next to the Pavilion.  

Cayman Automotive will also be displaying its range of 100 per cent electric cars, which are now legal on Cayman’s roads.  

Wednesday is Plant Something Day in Cayman and the Camana Bay Arboretum team will be on site offering native seedlings of the Conocarpus Erectus (the common name is Green Buttonwood) and advice on how to protect endangered species – as well as their gardening expertise. 

Earth Day at Camana Bay has been timed to coincide with the weekly Wednesday Farmers’ Market where, as usual, vendors will be selling freshly picked fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, organic chickens, baked goods, juices and traditional arts and crafts.  

The recently opened Bay Market, which carries a large range of organic produce and eco-friendly cleaning products will also be on site.  


To find out more about how you can do your part to help the planet, get down to Camana Bay on Wednesday. 

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