KPMG provided egg-stra fun

The KPMG Burner Meet over the Easter weekend was fast and furious and a lot of fun.

It was hosted by the Stingray Swim Club of Grand Cayman at the Lions Aquatic Centre. Fareed Hosein, KPMG director, said: “We were delighted to participate in this year’s Stingray Swim Club Burner Meet. It is a great opportunity to support the club and encourage the students to achieve their full potential.

“We believe it is essential for students of all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially with something they enjoy and are passionate about. Their dedication and drive is an inspiration to us all.”

Burner meets focus on the short distances – 25 metre races for the Under-6s and U8s and 50m races for the other age groups and do not have individual medleys. With all of the scheduled races taking place within three hours, the event is short in length and fast in excitement and at the end competition there was a fun relay which included all the swimmers, the coaches, a couple of brave parents … and plastic

Easter eggs.

“The strategy was to do breast stroke, but use your hands to push the water and consequently the egg forward … without touching it,” said parent Kathy Jackson whose team came third. “And I was delighted to see that age and experience sometimes do count for something. It allowed me to beat 2011 CARIFTA medallist Catrionae Macrae in my leg of the relay race and I can’t think of any other circumstances where that might possibly happen!”

Stingray President Brenda McGrath was delighted with the turn out. “It really was a fun, family friendly morning,” she said. “The swimmers from Stingray and from Treasure Island Swim Club had a great time and the Eggstra Special Easter Relay at the end was definitely a fun event. It was wonderful to have KPMG volunteers come out to assist with timing and we are extremely grateful to them for their support.”

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