Online poll: Pollsters say roadworks only for forced land acquisitions

Respondents to last week’s poll showed little support for the government acquiring lands by compulsory acquisition for anything other than roadworks. 

The largest segment of the 525 respondents – 247 people or 47 per cent – thought the government should be allowed to make a compulsory purchase order to acquire private land in order to build a road. 

“I’m OK with roadworks,” said one person. “Any other projects can be done on other land plots.” 

“Also for natural resources, for example oil and minerals,” said someone else. 

“If no other option exists,” said another respondent. 

One person agreed with compulsory acquisitions for roads, but with conditions. 

“The law should be brought up to date to protect the landowners’ rights to compensation,” the person commented. 

Another large segment of respondents – 229 people or 43.6 per cent – thought that compulsory acquisition should not be allowed under any circumstances.  

“Private land is private land,” said one person. “The government should not be allowed to take it for their own use, no arguments or discussions allowed. If they can’t plan ahead, then tough.” 

“Government should keep the land they have instead of selling off to greedy investors,” said someone else. “This is why I now feel they do not have the right to take what others have worked hard to get or take land from families who have passed the land down for generations.”  

“When you buy land, you do it under the assumption that it is yours forever, not yours until the government feels they can do something better with it,” said another person. 

Only 10 people – 1.9 per cent – thought the government should be able to acquire land by compulsory order to create a park, while four people – 0.8 per cent – thought it should be able to do so to build a church and two people – 0.4 per cent – thought government should be able to acquire land by compulsory order to build a shopping mall. 

Thirty-three people – 6.3 per cent – responded ‘other’ to the question. 

“Any time they like; that’s their right,” said one person. 

“To preserve historical and national treasures,” said someone else. 

“For safety or security reasons,” said another respondent. 

“Since when does government build shopping malls? Strange answer options to this question,” said someone else. 

“If the government tried to take my land with a compulsory purchase to build a church, I would burn it down,” said one respondent.  

“Derelict sites like the old Hyatt,” commented one person. 

“To expand the runway,” said another. 

“There are other public facilities that could necessitate compulsory acquisition other than roads – things like airports and seaports for example, and maybe even a public park. But certainly not a shopping mall or a church, which seem like odd choices,” said someone else. 

“For the greater good of the nation as defined by the people through their duly elected officials,” said one respondent. 

“To provide necessary infrastructure or to save land/buildings significant to Caymanian heritage,” said another person. 


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