East Enders honour maritime past

A new fishing competition will look to honour East End heritage.

The Stanford Rankine Memorial fishing tournament is slated to take place next Saturday, 28 April. Anglers will be able to fish from 6am to 4pm with weigh-in taking place 4-6pm at the East End Heritage Field.

Delmira Bodden is the East End community officer and one of the organizers for the event. She states it is about paying homage to Cayman’s maritime background.

“This is a community thing we came up with to bring men and the East End community together,” Bodden said. “We want to look back at our rich maritime heritage and honour our seamen and the things they would do for survival.

“A lot of fishermen exist in our community and we want to reflect on their sacrifices and what it meant to our community. We have a rich past and it’s good to reflect and celebrate that.”

As with most angling competitions, focus will be on off-shore fishing around Grand Cayman’s waters. At this point, there are no restrictions meaning anglers will be free to target the banks for species like dolphin, yellowfin tuna and wahoo. Interestingly, the event will allow anglers, primarily those in the junior ranks, to try their hand at shore and bottom fishing.

The tournament is not listed as a Cayman Islands Angling Club-sanctioned event for this year. However, a number of prizes are on offer, including $1,500 for the heaviest fish. The Stanford Rankine Memorial reportedly took place last year and attracted noted fishing enthusiasts like Gary Rutty, public figures such as Arden McLean and fishing families like the Sherieffs (dad Ernie, daughter Brandi and son Azzan).

Tournament registration is slated for next Friday, 27 April, at the East End Heritage Field from 6pm to 8pm. Saturday’s event will see free refreshments on offer like fish tea and fritters.

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