Trial date set for incident outside nightclub

Two men were shot, defendant injured

Trial has been set to start on 10 September for Leighton Rankine, who faces seven charges arising from an incident outside Club Seven on 22 February. 

Rankine, 35, appeared in Grand Court on Friday, when Justice Charles Quin refused him bail. 

In opposing bail, Crown Counsel Marilyn Brandt said Rankine faced two charges of attempted murder, two of wounding, possession of an unlicensed firearm, unlawful use of a firearm and common assault. Discharge of the firearm resulted in one man being shot in his left arm, while another man was hit in his right hand with the bullet lodged in his wrist, she said. She noted that the firearm had been recovered. 

Defence attorney John Furniss said Rankine denied having any firearm, but agreed there had been a struggle. As a result of being kicked in the face, Rankine received three fractures in the area of his nose and right eye. 

Mr. Furniss said his client was seeing an eye specialist on a regular basis, but prescribed medication had not yet reached him. 

Justice Quin said he hoped Rankine could get the necessary medical treatment through the prison. 

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