Editorial for 18 April: Celebrate Earth each, every day

 Congratulations to all who contributed to last weekend’s
roadside and beach cleanup.

It was an amazing success.

More than 1,500 people turned out Saturday to clean up
litter left behind by others or washed up from the sea. It’s a shame that we
have to have special clean up days, but it is good that so many people are
willing to give up a bit of their weekend to help beautify the Cayman Islands.

Now that the cleanup has been done, we should all do our
part to ensure that our pristine beaches and roadways remain clean. We should
celebrate planet Earth every day and make sure that we keep our little section
of the world clean on a daily basis.

But there’s more we can do than just pick up litter.

Call your government representative and insist the Cayman
Islands adopt a recycling policy for all plastics, glass and paper. It’s a
shame that a territory as small as the Cayman Islands isn’t doing more to
recycle. Kudos to those individuals and businesses that do recycle already.

Our supermarkets have come on board with an idea to reduce
the number of plastic bags going into our landfill, but our government should
be at the fore of this issue and pass legislation to ban plastic shopping bags

Those who have gotten into the habit of taking along their
own totes while grocery shopping have found that it’s a relatively easy thing
to do. Some have even gotten into the habit of taking their recyclable bags to
other retail establishments.

We were all placed on this planet to be good stewards of
Earth. Earth Day will be celebrated worldwide on Saturday and the entire month
of April is dedicated to showing respect to our planet.

It shouldn’t take a special day, week or month to make us
aware of the need to keep the Cayman Islands clean. It should be ingrained in
all of us.

We should show pride in the Cayman Islands and go out of our
way to keep our home litter free at all times. Help do your part and don’t
litter and if you see trash on the roadside or on the beach, please pick it up
and toss it in a garbage bin.




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