More than 200 projects receive planning nod in first quarter

Planning officials gave the go-ahead to more than 200 projects, with a combined value of more than $44 million, during the first three months of the year. That includes projects of all sizes, including ones receiving administrative approval.

Cayman Islands Planning Department officials approved 120 projects valued at $16.3 million without direct involvement from the Central Planning Authority.

The department has recently published records pertaining to administrative approvals in 2012 on its website, which already contained agendas and minutes of the authority’s meetings.

Projects approved by the Director and Assistant Director of Planning include houses, duplexes, pools, gazebos, fences, signs, generators, subdivisions (of fewer than six lots), and modifications to existing proposals. Officials administratively approved three projects valued at more than $1 million, including a West Bay duplex, West Bay house and North Side house.

By comparison, during its first seven meetings in the first three months of 2012, the authority considered 84 projects valued at $28.0 million. However, the authority’s decisions on projects considered during its final meeting of the quarter, held 28 March, have not yet been published. The authority was scheduled on that day to consider 20 projects worth $1.8 million.

CPA approvals

Here are some of the significant projects the authority approved during its meetings 14 and 29 February, and 14 March, subject to various requirements:

Mehdi Khosroli-Pour: Two houses, pool and perimeter walls
Cost: $2.5 million
Building Area: 13,947 square feet
Parcel Area: 22,385 square feet
Location: South Sound Road, across from Mary Crescent

Port Authority of the Cayman Islands: Single-storey office building and cabanas
Cost: $1.5 million
Building Area: 2,623 square feet
Parcel Area: 5.53 acres
Location: Turnberry Drive, SafeHaven

Leslie Harvey: Six apartments
Cost: $905,508
Building Area: 7,545.9 square feet
Parcel Area: 14,505.5 square feet
Location: Apollo Link and East Boulevard

Rutkowski Baxter Houghton: Two-storey addition to existing commercial building
Cost: $400,000
Building Area: 7,792 square feet
Parcel Area: 0.9958 acres
Location: GT Automotive on Godfrey Nixon Way

Greg Johnson: 0.25-mile boardwalk/sidewalk
Cost: $300,000
Location: North Church Street, George Town

J.R. Holdings Ltd.: Twenty-three lot subdivision and excavation
Parcel Area: 88.18 acres
Cost: $280,000
Location: South Sound Road, east of Bel Air Drive

Cayman Motor Museum: Double-sided sign (56 square feet)
Cost: $18,000
Location: Northwest Point Road, across the street from the museum, West Bay

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