Donation box swiped at Humane Society

humane theft

A uniquely Caymanian collection box owned by the Cayman Islands Humane Society was stolen from the non-profit’s George Town shelter location.

The theft was discovered Friday. It was not clear when the box had been taken or whether any money was inside. 

The box, which is usually located in the departure hall at Owen Roberts International Airport, was temporarily located at the shelter on North Sound Road due to ongoing renovations to the airport lounge.

According to Humane Society President Carolyn Parker, the box had been locked and bolted to a large base, but this was left behind when the thief absconded with the donation box.

The box is designed to look like a traditional Caymanian home.

“It was stolen from outside our front door. I can’t tell you how sad I am that this happened,” said Ms Parker.

 “It has been our best collection box in all the years I have been associated with the CIHS. It had only recently been repaired and reprinted by Nancy Davey,” she said.

According to Ms Parker, the directors are all deeply saddened by the theft.

“We have depended on this box to help the animals in the shelter and can’t understand why anyone would take it from us.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the donation box is urged to call the Humane Society Shelter on 949-1461 and speak to Jason.

humane society box

The collection box that was stolen.
Photo: Submitted

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