Opposition threatens boycott over premier investigation

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Opposition politicians are threatening to boycott proceedings of the Legislative Assembly following revelations that Premier McKeeva Bush is involved in three police investigations.

Leader of the People’s Progressive Movement Alden McLaughlin, at a press briefing Monday afternoon, 23 April, called on Mr. Bush’s fellow elected representatives within the United Democratic Party to remove Mr. Bush as premier and replace him with Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly or another UDP member.

If Mr. Bush had not stepped down by Thursday, 26 April, then the PPM would file a motion of no confidence in the government the following day. If Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence failed to accept this motion and if it was not on the Legislative Assembly’s agenda as the first order of business when the House resumes on 9 May, then the PPM members would refuse to participate in proceedings of the House, Mr. McLaughlin said.

“The premier cannot be allowed to continue in office in the present circumstances,” Mr. McLaughlin said.

Whether the boycott would take the form of PPM elected members refusing to attend meetings or by declining to speak or vote during Legislative Assembly meetings had not yet been decided, if the premier remained in power past the deadline set by the opposition and if the motion of no confidence was not accepted, Mr. McLaughlin added.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller, with whom the PPM held the joint press conference, said he intended to boycott the opening session of the Legislative Assembly on 9 May “to show my disgust with the premier being allowed to remain in office while the three investigations proceed”.

“I will be standing outside the LA under the tree and I invite the PPM and the public to join me in this protest,” Mr. Miller said.

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From left, PPM members Anthony Eden, Kurt Tibbetts and Alden McLaughlin, with North Side independent MLA Ezzard Miller, at a press conference Monday to call for the resignation of Premier McKeeva Bush. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY


  1. So Ezzard is making a play to lead the Opposition in this, I wonder how Alden enjoys playing second fiddle to the member from North Side.
    There are almost as many Hindus in Cayman as North Side voters.

  2. Well it certainly looks like thay have him this time. I get the feeling his own people are going to ask him to step aside this time. The one thing I don’t understand is why the RCIPS is dragging their feet with these investigations. I’d think this would be a top priority with all hands on deck to get to the truth.

  3. Oww they smell blood in the water now! It’s good to see they didn’t have Arden in the picture who was recently cleared of his own investigation. Funny they didn’t ask one of their own to step aside while he was being investigated for the last YEAR. Subsequently he was cleared of any wrong doing, which is a clear example that an investigation does imply guilt! Once again, it’s all about power, it has NOTHING to do with whats best for Cayman.

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Elections are only a few months away, don’t they want to people to decide? It’s disgusting to see the level these politicians will stoop. Self serving, power hungry, party politics. If you want his seat, beat him in the next elections, don’t use cheap parlor tricks to get it. Of course leave it to Ezzard to arrange a protest. Thats all he knows how to do, why would he change now?

  4. I like this photo of the two current leaders: Alden, PPM leader with his hands folded, low profiled, analytical, and waiting for something to happen. Ezzard, North Side Indepedant with his hands ready for action, outspoken, analytical, and not waiting but action!

    Now I am worried… because if McKeeva Bush ever steps down, WHO will be the next Premier? And if he doesn’t, will this mean that the UK will dissolve our democracy and elections all for one man like they did to the TCI citizens, causing their central bank to liquidate?

  5. We cannot condemn a man until the investigation is done, charges are laid, AND he is proven guilty in a court of law. If he is proven guilty, THEN we ask him to step down. Do do otherwise is undemocratic and unethical. People are accused every day of things they did not do. Naturally, his opponents are trying to discredit him. Roman Law, in the 6th Century, proclaimed: Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. Until then, he is pressumed innocent.

  6. The Governor should be asked (by the press and/or by MLA’s)if there are any other members of the legislative assembly that are under investigation.

    Depending on what we find out, we may have an empty chamber, much less a Premier.

  7. Cayman Mermaid

    Thats not how it works. This is not a crimninal court issue at this moment in time. It may well be and if charges are even laid, then he HAS to resign even if guilty or innocent until proven.

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