A written message to Premier Bush

The Premier appears to subscribe to the theory of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, who said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.  

If there was any doubt about the Premier’s lack of probity that doubt should have been removed by his most recent media statement.  

His claim not to be aware of being under any investigation (apparently to avoid my challenge to follow my example and be open and transparent with the police in their investigation) disastrously backfired when the UK Overseas Territories Minister and His Excellency the Governor and finally the RCIPS confirmed that indeed he is the subject of not one, not two, but three criminal investigations, with two involving “financial irregularities” and the other the illegal importation of dynamite.  

For the record, I am not involved in any international campaign to smear the Premier. It is his own high questionable activities that have attracted these investigations. I am simply concerned for the welfare of this country, which is in jeopardy under his leadership. 

As for his attempt to deflect attention by claiming that I gave CUC a “sweetheart deal”, even though there is no evidence to suggest any wrongdoing on my part, he needs to explain why the heads of agreement negotiated on behalf of his government of 2001-2005 would have given CUC returns on equity of 18-24 per cent while the target return under the licence negotiated on behalf our government there is a target return on rate base of 10 per cent, down from CUC’s previous contractual entitlement of 15 per cent.  

Lastly, the record will show that his claim that he had wished to make greater reductions in MLA salaries but the PPM had objected is false and that it was the PPM that brought a motion to reduce MLA salaries by 20 per cent, which was rejected by the UDP in favour of a 3.2 per cent pay cut.  

Mr. Premier, I will not allow you to evade the issue by misdirection, distractions and untruths. I have challenged you to follow my example and be open and transparent about the demand letter to Stan Thomas and allow investigators full access to your records but you appear to lack the confidence that this course will bear out your innocence. Since you continue to fail to do that, continuing to repeat “my hands are clean and my heart is pure” is hollow and meaningless and insults the intelligence of the people. The people of this country have never hung their heads as low as they are now. Your continuance in office amidst these very serious allegations is doing grave and possibly irreparable harm to the image and reputation of this country internationally and is likely to deter reputable investors. Therefore I implore you to, for once, put our country before yourself, restore our dignity, do the honourable thing and resign from the office of Premier and ask God for forgiveness for all that you have visited upon our people.  


Arden McLean 

Arden McLean

Mr. McLean


  1. President Clinton remained in office as President of the United States after having been impeached by the House of Representatives house of Congress of the government. The criminal offense of perjury under oath was the basis of the action. President Clinton remained in office throughout the criminal process and there was no mention of Nazi in the United States.

  2. Panama_Jack:
    This is not the United States but a British Crown Colony that has a Governor that acts very slowly. If he doesn’t act soon all confidence will be lost in these Islands and people will stop coming here and you know what happens then. You see that our Premier controls every aspect of government and just yesterday the Port Project will have to be retendered only because our Premier has gotten involved when he shouldn’t have. This man can’t continue to over rule our professional civil servant that do good work most of the time. Mr. Mclean is a stand up guy that takes his position in government seriously and don’t try to marginalize his response to what he feels is a major betrayal of the public trust. Let us allow the checks and balances to run its full course please?

  3. Dropping the ‘N’ bomb seems to be all the rage nowadays.

    Putting the Premier’s statement about not being aware of any investigation into his affairs on the same level as Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels is ludicrous, and I’m not talking about the rapper.

    Goebbels sought to sell the lie that Jews were the cause of all of Germany’s ills and deserved to be rounded up, put into concentration camps, and murdered in gas chambers. His attacks on Jews reached their height with Kristallnacht in 1938 when Synagogues were burned down and hundreds of innocent Jews were assaulted and murdered. He produced a series of anti-Semitic films. All of this because of Goebbels’ uncontrolled anti-Semitism.

    The Premier denied knowing there was an investigation into his affairs.

    One is reminded of another famous quote In politics stupidity is not a handicap. Napoleon Bonaparte

  4. Having just finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel about his concentration camp experiences with the Nazis in World War II, I found Mr McLean’s reference to Goebbels somewhat offensive in discussion of Cayman politics.

  5. Arden probably thinks his historical reference makes him sound smart, but instead in only shows his ignorance. Not only did he misquote Goebbels (I’m sure he’s much too busy playing politics to actually check the veracity of what he says before saying it) but he has completely bungled the historical context. To put anything in Cayman politics in the same context with Nazi Germany is simply the ignorant blabberings of an irresponsible fool. Cayman deserves better than all of these nitwits.

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