Bands, ensembles join fest

For tunes and talent the place to be is the Family Life Centre.

The National Children’s Festival of the Arts is putting on a two-night Showcase of the Bands on Wednesday, 2, and Thursday, 3 May, and the CISCA Co-Op Credit Union-sponsored event gives the kids a chance to show what they can do, says Angela McLaughlin of the Department of Education Services.

“Showcase of the Bands will feature bands and instrumental ensembles from all schools in the Cayman Islands,” she tells us.

“This includes private groups e.g. Cayman Music School and home schools. Music teachers recommended the groups participating. Students between the ages of 5 and 16 will participate and band ensembles are from different schools.”

Performance awards

The evening begins with a concert band followed by a mixture of smaller bands and ensembles, Angela continues.

“After the intermission, another large band will perform and then a mixture of small and large ensembles. At the end of each evening, the judges will announce the awards (Gold, Silver or Bronze) for each performance and the big awards will be presented by representatives from CICSA Credit Union. These will include Top Band & Top Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion and Keyboard Ensemble in each category.

“Schools will have an opportunity to share good practice. We also want to educate the public of the talents of our students. Too often they are only heard by small audiences,” we’re told.

In addition to highlighting musical skills, the event is intended to expand possibilities for future development in the arts.

“It is also important to note that some students will be performing original items that will highlight creativity,” Angela concludes.

The bands

Bands performing include St. Ignatius, Triple C, John Gray High School, Wesleyan CA, Cayman Music School, Grace Christian Academy and ensembles performing include Cayman Academy, Lighthouse School, George Town Primary, Prospect Primary, Red Bay Primary, Cayman Prep & High, Cayman International, Montessori By The Sea, Truth For Youth , Mara’s World of Music, Clifton Hunter High and Savannah Primary.

Over on the Brac

Two judges will be on Cayman Brac from Monday, 30 April, to judge music and songwriting entries and two more on Tuesday, 1 May, to adjudicate speech, dance and drama. Successful students will enter the Young Musician Competition in Grand Cayman coming up on Saturday, 2 June.

Adult tickets are $5, Children $2. Tickets will be available at the door staring at 5.30pm.

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