Darlene McKiel gets called to the CI Bar

Honours graduate of Cayman Islands Law School

After years of experience in the office of busy law firms, Darlene McKiel took the next step and enrolled in the Cayman Islands Law School. 

Following graduation with honours in 2010, she fulfilled other requirements and as a result was called to the bar on 12 April. 

Graham Ritchie QC, a partner at Charles Adams Ritchie and Duckworth, moved her admission as an attorney-at-law before Justice Charles Quin.  

Ms McKiel was employed from 1982 to 1988 as a secretary at the Kitchener Ontario law firm of Madorin, Snyder LLP. She left that position to take up an appointment as a secretary to the Justices of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. In November 1992, she resigned her position to accept employment with CARD, a local law firm in George Town, initially as a legal secretary and then as a paralegal.  

While continuing her full-time employment with the firm as a paralegal in the property department, Ms McKiel enrolled in the Cayman Islands Law School, securing an honours degree. She then completed her Professional Practice Course examinations with commendation, through the law school.  

Ms McKiel completed her articles with the Grand Cayman law firm and, following her admission as an attorney-at-law, has joined the commercial department. In the traditional Grand Court ceremony, Justice Quin examined the papers before him and declared Ms McKiel to be a good and qualified candidate. After she signed the rolls and donned her gown and wig, he welcomed her and wished her success. 

Darlene McKeil

Attorney Darlene McKiel is congratulated by Graham Ritchie, left, and Justice Charles Quin. – Photo: Submitted

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