Tragedy strikes local family again following fatal crash

South Sound accident 1 main

A local man who worked as a repair man for the Cayman Islands Fire Service died early Saturday in a two-vehicle crash on South Sound Road.  

The victim was identified by family members as Corey Seymour, a 2008 graduate of John Gray High School.  

Two other people, including Corey’s cousin, Cameron Seymour, were injured in the 4.30am crash that occurred just outside the San Sebastian condominium complex. 

According to family members, Cameron Seymour needed to be airlifted to Miami for further treatment. The third person involved in the wreck was treated and released from hospital on Saturday.  

Two trucks collided at the location, with one of them striking the driver’s side of the other vehicle head-on, according to witnesses. Royal Cayman Islands Police did not immediately state how the crash had occurred, but it appeared one of the vehicles clipped a tree on the side of the road just prior to the accident.  

Investigators did not immediately state whether any aggravating factors such as high speed or alcohol played a role 
in the crash.  

The force of the collision sent vehicle parts and debris flying everywhere and police had to close a section of South Sound Road between the Hurley’s roundabout and Walkers Road for most of Saturday morning to investigate the wreck.  

It was the third fatal collision to occur in the Cayman Islands so far in 2012. Other deaths from accidents on local roadways so far this year include those of 42-year-old Herman Byrd in January and 33-year-old Marjan Mladenovski in April.  

Cayman Islands Chief Fire Officer Dennom Bodden said Corey Seymour worked to repair fire trucks and other department vehicles as a civilian employee. He was not a firefighter and Mr. Bodden said Corey had not been working with the fire service very long.  


2000 tragedy  

Corey’s death on Saturday was not the first tragedy to hit the Seymour family, his relatives confirmed to the newspaper. 

In January 2000, Corey’s dad, Curtis Archibold Seymour, 41, was found dead off Walkers Road at the Flowers Apartments.  

Police said at the time that the elder Seymour had died of multiple stab wounds.  

The 2000 murder scene was less than a mile from where Curtis’ son would be killed more than 12 years later. 

In April 2010, Curtis Seymour’s convicted killer, Kurt Ebanks, lost his appeal of a case before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Ebanks was given a mandatory life sentence for the crime.  

Cameron Seymour’s father was so broken up Saturday, he wept as he spoke on the phone. He asked a reporter who contacted him to call back on Monday when he would be “in a better frame of mind”.  

A cousin of Corey’s, Jordan Seymour, wrote on his Facebook page: “Sick and tired of losing loved ones. Lord, look down and comfort my family in this difficult time.” 

South Sound accident 1

One of the trucks involved in Saturday’s deadly crash. Photo: Brent Fuller

South Sound accident 2

Saturday’s crash left debris all over the street and closed a section of South Sound Road for several hours. – Photo: Brent Fuller

South Sound accident 3

Police inspect the scene of Saturday’s fatal wreck. Photo: Brent Fuller

Corey Seymour

Corey Seymour

Curtis Seymour story

The Caymanian Compass reported the January 2000 death of Curtis Seymour. Twelve years later, Curtis’ son Corey died in a car wreck. – Photo: File

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  1. The 2000 murder scene was less than a mile from where Curtis’ son would be killed more than 12 years later.

    I personally do not agree with how the above is worded, would be killed? as if his death was intentional.

    My deepest condolences to the Family, may the Lord be with you all in this time.

  2. Pedantic, but the point is with car crashes that end up with a fatality, it is quite normal to hear people talk about someone ‘killed in a car crash’.

    Intentional no, avoidable, probably.

  3. Pattieman, you have obviously not understood the actual quote by Torres, and is therefore not ‘pedantic’.
    The offending phrase is, would be killed which causes understandable offence to the family.
    A more appropriate wording would preferably been,…would lose his life more than 12 years later. EDITOR PLEASE NOTE.

  4. Romany, I understood fully – the point is that I was being pedantic, not Torres.

    There is no way to sugar coat it, and it doesn’t matter how you say it, the way it was written was perfectly acceptable.

  5. You people are very insensitive; the way you worded this article. You all need to understand that we, the family, have feelings and to see this article hurts us all.
    You all need to do better.
    Put yourselves in our shoes.
    This could have been worded differently and the incident that occurred YEARS ago with Curtis Seymour is irrelevant.
    Caymanian people are truly something else.
    I put my real name also, if anyone would like to contact me.