UK lord backs Governor Taylor

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Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor’s recent actions in dealing with the announcement of multiple police investigations against Premier McKeeva Bush have received the backing of a United Kingdom House of Lords member as well as the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. .  

On Monday, Lord Howell of Guildford, a conservative minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the House of Lords, was asked about recent comments made by Premier Bush that Mr. Taylor had done “nothing of substance” to assist the Cayman Islands and had “stealthily and insidiously undermined government efforts” to get Cayman’s economy off the ground.  

Lord Howell responded: “I have noted the premier of the Cayman Islands’ comments in the media attacking the governor and the government and suggesting that there is a conspiracy to undermine the Cayman Islands, and can assure the noble Lord [referring to Lord Ashcroft] that there is no truth whatsoever in those suggestions.”  

Premier Bush unleashed a verbal barrage against the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office last month, stating that he was forewarned the agency would “try to ruin me” shortly after he took office as Cayman’s first premier in 2009.  

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service announced a few days before that Mr. Bush was the subject of two investigations into “financial irregularities” and was involved in a third criminal probe involving the unlicensed importation of dynamite into Grand Cayman.  

Cayman’s opposition party said the stunning revelations regarding the investigations – one of which was previously unknown to the media and the general public – should require Mr. Bush to step aside until those probes conclude.  

Mr. Bush said he would do no such thing and that opposition statements were merely political opportunism.  

“They have now found solace in the governor and commissioner’s [of police] attack on me and again jump on the bandwagon to begin their calls for me to step down or to be thrown out by my own 
colleagues,” Mr. Bush said.  

On 3 May, Governor Taylor noted that the UK’s vision for the Cayman Islands was set out during the 18-21 April visit of Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham to the Islands. Mr. Taylor said Mr. Bellingham had spoken of “a vision of a flourishing and vibrant economy, whose public finances are well managed and whose adherence to internationally recognised standards of governance enhances its reputation as a good place to live, work and do business.”  

“The governor [referring to Mr. Taylor] shares that vision and that commitment, and he has our full support,” Lord Howell said Monday.  

Some of Mr. Bush’s harshest statements made following the announcement of the police investigations were reserved for the UK and “civil servants” in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that he described as “his enemies”.  

“The FCO [in 2009] tried to force me into instituting income tax, property tax, a 20 per cent reduction in the civil service and a 10 per cent cut in salaries,” Mr. Bush said. “I said no and that we would find the means to come out of this mess. “In the face of that kind of resistance to their dogma, my tenacity on behalf of my Islands, my opposition to the exploits of the FCO over the years – did I believe that the FCO liked me? I knew better and I was warned by friends in London that they did not and that they would try to ruin me,” he said.  

Mr. Bush said “every excuse” had been used to not support his government’s efforts to rebuild the territory’s economy, presumably referring to projects – including the cruise port terminal and the ForCayman Investment Alliance land swap with the government – that the United Democratic Party government has proposed.  

He also alleged that “rumours” of police investigations were part of the “long history of the FCO in the Caribbean”.  

“That’s a fundamental reason why they never give up the control of the police in any constitutional reform,” Mr. Bush said. “They control the police for everything they can get them to do. The Labour Party has had the worst record of this.” 

Taylor Bellingham

UK Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham and Governor Duncan Taylor at the governor’s residence on 20 April. – Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. I am a resident of Bodden Town of no party affiliation, and I (including my entire family and most of my friends) wholeheartedly and sincerely endorse the Premier’s words. McKeeva Bush may not be correct on all points. He may not be a perfect human being. But here is where all parties have to lay down their differences, and move to uniting the people of the Cayman Islands against what is indeed a modern-day colonialist agenda to keep us under control, which they like many outsiders to believe is just a mere conspiracy but we are not dumb. We know too well the intelligence community backing them and spying on us.

  2. He also alleged that rumours of police investigations were part of the long history of the FCO in the Caribbean.

    That’s a fundamental reason why they never give up the control of the police in any constitutional reform, Mr. Bush said. They control the police for everything they can get them to do. The Labour Party has had the worst record of this.

    When we look at this issue, along with the other relevant issues recently reported…the allowing of non-judicial supervised/ordered electronic surveillance of private communication being the main one….we see here where, this statement by this Lord Howell proves one thing for sure…

    McKeeva Bush’s statements, especially the last paragraph that I’ve quoted, has touched a nerve in the highest quarters in the British Govt.

    Thus the need for a defensive response of this nature.

    This reflects the classic history and tactics of the policies of the Colonial Office, now called the Foreign Commonwealth Office, since the days of colonial India, North America, Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and Britain’s other myriad colonies spread across the globe over those many centuries of colonial domination.

    The history is there to be read, studied and analysed by all who chose to do so.

    In the days of imperial Britain, the rewards were the natural resources of the colonies…minerals, animimal products, land etc etc and the free/slave labour that guaranteed the profits of the colonial masters.

    Today, in Cayman’s case in particular, it is the lure of the financial industry and its massive economic potential that is the rewards at stake.

    It is really only some old-fashioned ‘god-queen-and-countrayyy’ colonial citizens that naively believe anything the British government has to say about anything.

    Today, Britain’s modern citizens at home neither trust nor believe anything a British politican has to say…we do not leave things to chance with them.

    Today’s modern British citizen at home takes every single measure that the law allows to both protect ourselves from these politicians…and punish them for their wrongs when we can.

    And there are certainly more laws with which to protect ourselves in modern-day Britain than there currently are in colonial Cayman.

  3. Our people have a very short memory.I’m not a party person but let’s be reasonable and more importantly ‘SENSIBLE Premier McKeeva Bush has stated above that The FCO in 2009 tried to force me into instituting income tax, property tax, a 20 per cent reduction in the civil service and a 10 per cent cut in salaries, Mr. Bush said. I said no and that we would find the means to come out of this mess.
    So the PPM left the country in a financial mess when the UDP took over in 2009. I’m sure we can all agree on this factual truth. Caymanians stoned the PPM out of office in 2009, they brought out the brooms, so to speak, they were determined that the PPM had destroyed the country and MUST BE OUSTED.
    The UDP won the election with somewhat of a landslide victory and rightly so, the people wantedC H A N G E
    Since the country was in a financial mess in 2009 elections.Now 36 months later how is it that the same PPM opposition is now painting the UDP black.This is not a case anymore of pot cursing kettle black this is an incomparable situation Spoon cursing kettle black.
    So was the PPM doing doing exactly what the UK wanted? destroy the economy of Cayman? and is Mr. Bush upsetting the UK by restoring the economy of Cayman You be the juge. This is the same old colonial system at work, lets say that the PPM were the UK’s puppets on a string saying Yes to everything, but from what I have been told by reliable sources, the UK has a force to deal with when Mr. Bush hits the UK, they start to moan when they find out that its Mr. Bush they have to meet with and not one of his surrogates! According to sources the UK cannot handle, nor kick our Premier around at their every whim. What does that tell you? That Mr. Bush is protecting Cayman from economic failure? or that he is destroying the economy of the country, which is what the UK would more favor for any of its territories, since we are in direct competition with them as a leading financial center of the World? This so called screen of smoke and mirrors dubbed Partnership for Progress by the UK is nothing but a farce! The UK’s representative the Governor and Comissioner of Police the two most powerful individuals on the island; they seem to not have the interest of the country at heart. How can the Governor execute partnership for progress for this region in the face of 29,000 work permits and 4,000 unemployed Caymanians? That is ‘FAILURE
    There is no partnership and there is definitely no progress to be made under this heading with an alternative definition. The Governor needs to act on the people’s behalf and ensure internal security together with the RCIP Comissioner. Unemployment breeds crime, and it is a threat to the Governor’s portfolio including Internal security. So therefore it is the governors job to get involved with the job creation process as well as the elected minister of labor and labor department. If the PPM is playing into the hands of the UK by the reckless spending affecting the 2009 elections, then I daresay if you are reasonable voters, you will agree with me that the PPM is not the party you want to elect in 2013.

  4. What else do you expect UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Father-in-Law to say?

    Even if Taylor had made a complete ass of himself (which I personally think he has) the FCO wouldn’t admit to it at this level.

  5. The FCO in 2009 tried to force McKeeva into instituting income tax and property tax.

    That oft repeated statement is about as believable as his explanation of the Stan Thomas letters.

    The FCO have had full control of the Turks Caicos government since 2009 and have not seen it prudent to institute income tax or property taxes there. Does anyone drinking McKeeva’s koolaid have an explanation for that?

  6. The bill concerned the City of London Corporation, the local-government authority for the 1.2-square-mile slab of prime real estate in central London that is the City of London. The corporation is an ancient, semi-alien entity lodged inside the British nation state; a prehistoric monster which had mysteriously survived into the modern world, as a 19th-century would-be City reformer put it. The words remain apt today. Few people care that London has a mayor and a lord mayor – but they should: the corporation is an offshore island inside Britain, a tax haven in its own right.

    The term tax haven is a bit of a misnomer, because such places aren’t just about tax. What they sell is escape: from the laws, rules and taxes of jurisdictions elsewhere, usually with secrecy as their prime offering. The notion of elsewhere (hence the term offshore) is central. The Cayman Islands’ tax and secrecy laws are not designed for the benefit of the 50,000-odd Caymanians, but help wealthy people and corporations, mostly in the US and Europe, get around the rules of their own democratic societies. The outcome is one set of rules for a rich elite and another for the rest of us.

    For all the naive posters on this forum, who believe that McKeeva Bush does not know what he’s talking about…please read the above two paragraphs taken from an article on the web….the URL is:

    The City of London financial centre is as much a tax haven and financial centre as the Cayman Islands is…

    So anyone who believes that the economic interests of Britain and Cayman do not clash at times…this article should shed some light.

    And, make no mistake about it..Britain’s colonial administrators, the Governor and Commissioner of Police, stands squarely on only one side when this happens.

    Quess which side that is ?

  7. Firey,

    You said a mouth full. But have you noticed that
    there are no Amens when the truth is being told and the bull is hit right between the eyes.

    But as long as an individual is being bashed to pieces in these forums,or their character is being asassinated, everybody has something to say, with a blue print outlining just how deep the we all should dig the hole to bury the messenger!

    Is it any wonder we keep electing the same people every four years, even though they come in different colors and sheds, from different districts with differ last names. They are all the same.
    As long as people forget that they asked for change in 2009, there is no need for any politician to deliver change since there is now an epidemic amnesia.
    The personality game is more important than true governance.

  8. Tiger

    There is none so blind, as he wishes not to see..nor one so deaf, as wishes not to hear…nor one so dumb, as wishes not to speak.

    The reason that British and Caymanian politicians can lead Cayman’s people into believing anything they wish them to is because the above saying sums up Cayman’s people perfectly.

    The truth is there for those who seek it, if they can handle the responsibility of knowledge; most people chose to absolve themselves of that responsibility as well.

    There has been some extemely valuable knowledge shared here on this most crucial and critical situation for Cayman’s immediate and long-term future, shared by people such as yourself, John Evans and myself, among others; not opinions, solid factual knowledge.

    The members of this forum have access to that knowledge and I hope for some’s sakes, that they will take it and use it wisely; maybe by their informed actions and decisions, others might be influenced into making those same choices.

    We need not go into anymore detail; smart people should put one and one together…

    And make some sense of all this recent political turmoil and upheaval; they now have the knowledge they need to do so.

    It is no coincidence that this private surveillance law has been passed in Cayman without even a hint of a whisper of opposition.

    As of now, the CI Govt is for all intents and purposes paralysed and will stay that way until election day, 2013; hopefully, by then Cayman’s people will have become a little wiser.

  9. Good response Firey,
    We are grateful to have you as a watchdog in the UK,sharing your political socioeconimic knowledge with the people of the Cayman Islands.A most valuable contribution.Hope you will consider returning and contribute to this starving society and get paid well for it. Seems like all the really well meaning and highly intelligent people left the Cayman Islands over the past Decade.Something’s gone seriously wrong. The modern day mentality have for too long settled for A promise that is comfort to only a fool.According to Shawn Paul.