Gov’t: Cayman removed from Filipino ‘black list’

An international worker deployment ban issued by the Philippines government last year that included the Cayman Islands has now been lifted for the British Overseas Territory.

A total of 41 countries were included in the ban, which the Philippines government said was because of concerns expressed regarding labour and civil rights in those jurisdictions. The result of the ban would be that the Philippines government would not allow its nationals to continue work in those countries, officials said.

Since the ban was issued in late 2011, Filipino government officials have met twice in the Cayman Islands with Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and other dignitaries trying to resolve the matter. The British Embassy in Manila also communicated with the Philippines on the issue.

On 22 May, the Philippines government confirmed that the Cayman Islands was compliant in safeguarding the rights of migrant workers. Cayman joins 30 other countries that have since been removed from the original list.

“Filipino nationals constitute the second-largest group of expatriate workers, which should indicate that the government and people of the Cayman Islands are indeed very welcoming of them – as we are of the more than 100 other nationalities which live and work in harmony in these Islands,” Mr. Manderson said.

Attorney General Sam Bulgin said he believed the initial inclusion of the Cayman Islands on the worker ban list had been premature and might have been avoided if “appropriate consultation” had taken place.


  1. I still wonder if the Cayman’s placement on the ban list has or had anything to do with the lack of human rights legislation in Cayman, and the fact that the scramble is on to get said legislation in place, hence the premature allegation of Cayman being added to the list in the first place…

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