Books within Books & Books reveals Rizzoli

Rizzoli is a publisher of coffee table books ranging from art, photography, architecture and interior design to humour, fashion, beauty and sports and this lifestyle brand can now be seen in Books & Books, enhancing the cultural possibilities of the island.

Weekender caught up with Ausbert de Arce of Rizzoli, who created the showcase and curates the collections, to ask him a few questions,because we like to do that sort of thing.

What does the Rizzoli aspect add to the overall ambience of a bookshop?

Books displayed face out, grouped by trim size and cover art so there is strong visual impact that is both dramatic and compelling. The customer gets drawn into the Rizzoli world. It adds visual movement and excitement to see a mix: cook books next to photography books, next to fashion. A riot of colour and ideas, a visual patchwork where each book is an individual statement and not part of an overall category, which is static.

Can you tell me the importance of art in publishing?

The art book should be an extension of the art and artist it is about. Art books are our written and visual connection to the artist and their oeuvre. Rizzoli art books are created to be objects on their own, things of beauty, as well as informed and factual.

How do you select what books/projects to work with?

There a number of ways a project comes to us. At Rizzoli, often the projects select us. You just know when an idea or concept is a Rizzoli book. The same is true with the bespoke publishing house Mitchell Kaplan and I have just started Books & Books Press.

What is the vibe of the Caribbean? How does it inspire you?

Having been born in Puerto Rico, it’s in my blood. But for me, being based in Miami, I feel like I live in the Caribbean. Having lived in New York all my life, Miami lured me.

What makes Rizzoli books unique?

Rizzoli is one of the world’s oldest and most important brands in publishing. Rizzoli is Italian. Rizzoli has a legacy, a heritage. The studio showcase is a way of reminding the world that Rizzoli is the one of the oldest and most prestigious illustrated book publishers in the world.