Hot Cheetahs set to pounce on rookie Bliss

Last year was the first season the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association put on a women’s flag football league and it was a superb success.

This year will mark the second year that women’s flag football will be independent from the men’s Cayman Islands Flag Football Association and big things are expected.

Board member Kathy Miller (also a member of the newly-founded Subway Stingers) has great hopes for the 2012 season.

“Flag football is expanding quickly, we’ve almost doubled the amount of teams with three new ones joining this year and we have doubled the amount of players in the league,” Miller said, “Almost every team has maxed out their 25-women roster.”

The sport is growing incredibly fast. There are three new rookie teams this year: the Subway Stingers, Hot 104.1 Cheetahs and the Maples Bliss, all with championship aspirations. Those clubs were in action during the first weekend of the season last Saturday, showing considerable talent in Latoya Cover (Subway), Kim Rivers (Cheetahs) and Eleanor Berry (Maples).

This year has seen an incredible amount of rookies sign up for the game, not only on the obvious new teams but on teams around the league. Players are turning up from every district in Cayman to play the game and the women’s game looks to keep to the pattern of rapid expansion.

Three league games will be held at the Camana Bay sports field every Saturday from 9am.

A night game will take place every Friday at the Ed Bush field in West Bay at 8pm.

For this Saturday, 9 June, matches will be played at the T.E. McField Sports Centre (commonly called the Annex).

As was the case last year, there will be an end-of-year tailgate party at the conclusion of the 2012 season.

Also, the association is awaiting approval from the National Football League in the United States to start an inter-school league.

That would involve setting up flag football games between schools and having the league send down NFL-style uniforms of current teams for the kids to wear.

Obviously, it would be a great opportunity for flag football and for the kids to start playing the game while wearing the same uniforms of star quarterbacks like Eli Manning and Drew Brees.