Prisoner leaves lock up and returns with woman

Inmate was gone for an hour unsupervised

Northward main
An inmate classified as “low risk” by officials at Her Majesty’s Prison Northward escaped custody Thursday and returned about an hour later in a vehicle with a female.

Prison Director Dwight Scott explained the incident, which he said involved a prisoner who has been in custody since 2005 for possession of an unlicensed firearm.

“The inmate has been working for some years on outside detail adjacent to the prison,” Mr. Scott said. “He absconded for roughly one hour. He was intercepted by prison officers when returning to the prison.”

Mr. Scott said “a young lady was in his company, driving the vehicle”. She was handed over to the police and the matter is being further investigated, he said.

The ‘category D’ prisoner – the lowest security classification risk at Northward – would have his risk category upgraded immediately, Mr. Scott said. The prisoner’s release date was set for 2015 after he received an initial sentence of 15 years.

The issue of whether prisoners with serious criminal convictions should be allowed to have ‘low risk’ security status was not addressed by Mr. Scott.


HMP Northward