East End relaunches spikefest

East End has got their act together again for indoor volleyball.

After West Bay completed their community league, East End is hosting theirs this month. Put on by the East End Sports Committee, the East End Community Volleyball League sees matches on Saturdays at the East End Civic Centre.

District politician and sportsman John McLean Junior has served as a competitor the last two years. He states a short competition is planned for this month.

“The East End volleyball competition is starting back again,” McLean Jr said. “The civic centre will host matches on Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm. On 30 June, we will have the semis, finals and awards from about 7pm until 10pm.”

McLean Jr is part of the sports committee and is the league coordinator this time around. Vernie Watler-Harris served as the main organizer in years past, with help in large part from district community officer Delmira Bodden. Watler-Harris is still involved as a committee member alongside Donnalee Walton.

There are six teams for 2012. East End Bullets and Back at Cha have won two games each and sit tied for first with six points. U Done Know is second with three points. Charlie and His Angels, D Youngas and The Lucky Ones all are at the bottom with zero points. All are playing under the watchful eye of referee Curtis Richards.

In its short time, the competition has proven popular among East End residents. Volleyballers like Anthony Bodden and sportsmen like Don Parsons have taken part in the past. The climax of the league has typically been an all-star night featuring the best youth and adult teams in the district facing top squads from West Bay.

McLean Jr states it was important to put on the league for the community.

“It’s going on for the third consecutive year and the goal of it is for youths in East End to be involved in positive activity. They look forward to it annually and it helps them excel in the sport of volleyball.”

For more information, call John at 
324-0325 or Donnalee at 
916-1486 or e-mail [email protected]