Just a few points to make

Please allow me space again to write a few things of interest to me. I will, however, only make one or two comments on each this time or none at all.

They are as follows:

The One Man One Vote – Can we try voting for one person in each district? That maybe could work and be a better idea, but I am not politician but there are a things I am concerned about so I am taking time to write about a few of them on my mind at the time.

The accident and emergency room at the government hospital – I do not feel that it is necessary to many any comments on this.

The flooding of roads – No pedestrian or vehicle use for days. The helicopter and the National Roads Authority need to work together to look about this immediately so that children can get to school, adults can go to work and that there is no long interruption to regular activities.

The public transport system – Not up to standard for users, especially in the evenings for all districts. This needs attention as well.

Our government apparently does not have a law to regulate foreign investors – A limit needs to be set to protect the Cayman Islands and Caymanians. We now have an example of how much investment one may want (contrary to the protection of our islands and people). However, everybody should know by now that the public roads are not for sale.

The airport – Sometime ago, I remember hearing about expanding it. I believe if we can get some covered walks to the planes that would be good. Why is it necessary to expand the airport? We have to have control. An island can only hold so much just like any container. If we are concerned about the tourists; remember, they come to Cayman for the difference. It would be good though, if government did not have to rent spaces for offices.

The buildings that do not accommodate the handicapped and elderly – Is a pain to see, government should make sure that elevators and automatic doors are included when plans are being submitted. I would really like to see the changes from the time I wrote and spoke about it.

Last but not least, I would like to mention that I visited a property in the centre of town where this is a pool inside and children running around, playing on wet, slippery floors. It’s like an accident waiting to happen there. If the owners could please look about this and rectify the situation, it would be most appreciated. I do not believe that any parent or guardian would like themselves of children to be seriously injured.

Dora A. Ebanks