The flow of Tish is about love, nature

Exploring the personal and the social is at the heart of Tish Scott’s flow. 

“The art of language inspires me,” says the poet and performer. 

“Being able to communicate flowingly and melodiously, as done in rhyme or prose, as well as the ability to capture an audience through acoustics and diction. 

“Experiences, actuality and the humbling reality called life – all have added to my list of inspirations. Other inspirations include: nature, relationships, music,” Tish says. 

She is a regular at the monthly Floetry night, held at Books & Books, Camana Bay on Wednesday, 20 June at 7pm. The event is free for performers, interested parties and writers to showcase their work, listen to each other and socialise. 

“Floetry was a threshold for me. I sought a lyrical getaway where likeminded, poetry-hungry people would gather to feed on knowledge and experience and the expression of the same. It is a lounge for starving artists,” Tish says. 


Physical and intellectual 

You can watch the floet in action above with a piece called Manifestation. But what is it all about? 

“This piece was inspired by a very intelligent and outspoken young man whom I had the opportunity to sit and listen to,” she says. 

“Highlighting both his physical and intellectual attributes, Manifestation is a combination of knowledge gained and emotion expressed during the conversation. Outstanding subject.”
She has written pieces conveying and expressing her appreciation for life, she notes. 

“Being more of a spoken word artist it is not difficult to expand on any given topic at any time. Social issues, relationships, self- actualization and development. As a poet and writer, one must be able to grasp and write in the moment. 

“I hope to one day be able to provide other aspiring poets with the opportunity to grow and develop as I have been able to in recent years. Poetry is neither a hobby nor a career, it is a movement. It is progressive. Therefore, it should be renewed.” 


Join the floets at Books & Books on Wednesday, 20 June from 7pm. Free entry.