How could they?

Your headline in Tuesday’s, June 12, 2012, newspaper was shocking – “CUC discharging contaminants in the North Sound”. And Wednesday’s headline was disgusting – “Utility companies deny North Sound pollution”.

What are they thinking of?

I am amazed that CUC was given permission in the first place to pump its contaminated so-called “cooling water” into The North Sound. Water Authority-Cayman should never have granted a licence for this purpose without thorough research. Then, requesting CUC to continue with further testing. With all due respect Mr. van Gederen, the water authority should be conducting this testing, together with a qualified individual from the Department of Environment – not CUC.

This is a very serious health hazard to all residents, who should insist government order CUC to stop immediately. CUC generates enough money from the residents of Grand Cayman to hire consultants who are experts in eliminating this waste, other than discarding into our beautiful North Sound.

I wonder where these contaminants were being discarded before being pumped into The North Sound. The ground? Think about this – how long has CUC been in Grand Cayman?

Why is no one up in arms about this? These are the issues that we should be protesting – issues which cause health hazards to residents and all living creatures on these Islands.

Patti Ackermon-Edwards