Pascal sets new mark

Teenage javelin thrower Alex Pascal set a new national record at the National Championships over the weekend.  

Pascal broke the old record with his first throw with an impressive 69.17 metres to win the Open Javelin competition at the Truman Bodden complex, beating the old record of 69.06 metres. 

The 17-year-old is doing summer classes at UCCI and graduates on Thursday from Clifton Hunter High School, Then he heads off to compete at the Junior Central Americas and Caribbean Games in EL Salvador, returns home for his final exams on 4 July before heading to the World Junior Championships in Spain. 

At the moment Pascal is still waiting to hear something on the Government scholarship that he applied for. Training trips to Cuba have helped enormously. It’s a  

With the aid of Cayman Brac Sports Instructor and university recruiter Harold Mitchum Sanford, there are at least seven American universities interested in accommodating the youngster – and a few of them have superb throwing coaches. The Pascals are extremely grateful for Sanford’s help.  

Alex’s father Richard said: “Although the universities are interested in him, right now they are saying that they have exhausted all of their available scholarship money for the fall. This is where the local Government scholarship should come into play.  

“They add that if Alex has the means to attend their university without athletics aid they would certainly welcome him to their team and they would find it a privilege to coach him.” 

Leading up to breaking the record, Pascal was training hard with tips coming from former record holder Ryan Haylock. Richard said: “I asked Mr. Haylock to help Alex with his run up, which just by having someone there during training made a big difference, as training on his own and staying motivated has not been easy. 

“But with the presence of Mr. Ryan, Alex has benefited as you can see from the results in just a couple of weeks. He is coming to understand that this happens in any individual sport, it can get lonely at times. We want to thank Mr. Ryan for his time and help. It’s a privilege to have him here. 

“We also would like to thank Shane Evans who is a shot putter, discus and a javelin thrower, for mouthing Alex off in training and during meets to give some push and encouraging him, which also helps. We also want to thank Bruce and Mr. Ernest over at Body Sculptor gym for their support.” 


Alex Pascal looks set for some more medals this summer. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD