Labour officers complete industrial hygiene training

Maintaining a high standard of clean and safe work environments for all staff is a high priority for the ministry responsible for Employment and the Department of Labour and Pensions.  

On Wednesday, 25 April, three staff members from Labour and Pensions received their certifications for an industrial hygiene training programme that they attended in December 2011 at the University of the West Indies. 

Receiving certificates of completion were Labour Officer Dwayne Forde, and Senior Labour Officers Sandra Solomon and Loval Linwood. 

The course aims to equip labour inspectors and officials responsible for evaluating occupational health in the workplace with skills and knowledge on health hazards and industrial hygiene, including the use of Industrial Hygiene Kits.  

Director of Labour and Pensions Mario Ebanks noted the achievements, saying, “We are proud to have members of our team continue to improve themselves. Their knowledge will help us to further build and strengthen the work of the Department.” 

He added, “We want to continue to promote and enforce world-class standards of occupational safety and health, which includes a culture of cleanliness in all workplaces throughout the islands.” 

Staff at the Department of Labour and Pensions have been taking advantage of training opportunities over the years, and several Labour and Senior Officers have received training and certifications in the following areas: General Industry Training, Construction and General Industry, Safety & Health Management, Inspection in Agriculture and Pesticides, Mould Inspection and Remediation, AIDS and HIV in the Workplace, Occupational Safety & Health Standards for the Construction Industry, Occupational Safety & Health Standards for General Industry, Accident Investigation and OSHE – Fundamentals of Accident Investigation & Report Writing.  

With these qualifications gained by staff members, the department provides several training and outreach programmes in regard to safety in the workplace.  


For more information about the Occupational Safety and Health Outreach Programme, please contact Gene Hydes at [email protected] 


Mario E. Ebanks, director, Department of Labour & Pensions; Dwayne Forde, labour officer; Sandra Solomon, senior labour officer; Mr. Robert Whittaker, Senior Labour Officer/Assistant Director and Mr. Gene Hydes, Senior Labour and OSHA Certified Trainer. Missing in the photo is Japhia Linwood, senior labour officer.