Professional dancer Melissa looking forward to Xposition

She’s danced on stage or in videos with a host of famous names, including Elephant Man, Taras Riley, Sean Paul and Left Side and even performed at the first annual Reggae Academy Awards with Shaggy.

But the prospect of returning to the Cayman Islands, to headline the Talent Xposition of the Arts, still excites Melissa McField.

“It is so exciting to be on stage,” she confirms.

“We have a fusion of ethnicities here, and I am looking forward to showcasing my talent with a musician. Of course, entertainment and dance are forms of art. Collaboration between the two is an even more amazing prospect.”

Giving back

Melissa earned a bachelor of arts in fine arts, dance and choreography in Jamaica for five years and then stayed for an additional year to gain experience in teaching. She performed at stage shows with the La’Cadco dance company during this time and her Talent Xposition debut is a welcome addition to 2012, she says.

“It is a complex industry, the arts. When I was studying I had to do a final year production. That involved stage management, lighting, sound and touched on every aspect of a show. It showed that once you start getting involved in one part of the arts, you get interested in all of it.

“I love to choreograph and do lights now, too,” she adds.

Melissa’s goals – aside from developing her own career – are to assist with helping others achieve their own dreams.

“I want to help young talent and artists with potential to not be afraid of it. And even off stage you can be involved; there are so many different aspects of putting a show together that you can connect with so many different people and opportunities,” she says.

Performers include: Melissa McField; After Skool Band; George Town Primary School Dancers’ UCCI Performing Arts; ASHEZ; Kri Performance; Art School; Jessica Hurlstone; Vince Webb; Michelle T; Soraya Taylor; Staci Ann Brown; Dellon Myles; Lloyd Barker.

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