Young Talented Stars heading to the Brac

Upcoming talent from Grand Cayman will meet up with the best youngsters Cayman Brac has to offer at a special event on Saturday, 23 June.

And because registration takes place between 3 and 5pm, says Nolly Brown, the exact lineup won’t be known until the day of the performance.

“We will not know until we get there; kids can register between those two hours with Chastine Rankine. We always plan for about 12 performers,” Nolly says.

“Each year, we bring the winners from Cayman to perform in Cayman Brac as a special treat to the others performers trying to win the title of best act for Cayman Brac. The winners from Cayman are Zariah Anglin for vocals and Thalia Naranjo for best dance.

“We also take judges from Cayman to judge the event as I feel it would not be fair for us to use judges from Cayman Brac. Danella Brown, Mike Lamay and Sirs Russell-Jones are the judges selected. The committee members are Noel Smith, Merilda Miller and Chastine Rankine. Damian McField will be in the Brac for all the arrangements.”

Special performers

The event is always well-received with a lot of special performers on show, Nolly says.

“It has always been amazing to see how much talent Cayman Brac has to offer. Kids from ages 8 to 16 come on stage and perform at their best.

“However it would be a lot better if we had more support from the public on the night to support the kids who have worked so hard to showcase their talent,” Nolly says.

Young Talented Stars costs $10 adults and $5 kids to get in, he says. Money goes toward the prizes, adds Nolly.