Jager Monsters will roar to life

The Lone Star Jager Monsters finished last year’s season on a high, making it to the playoffs and coming away with a third place finish after beating the Androgroup Killa-Panthers in the consolation game.

This year, however, the team has improved and their sights are set on getting to the finals and ultimately bringing home a championship into Jager Monster hands.

Lone Star are a much improved team this year, despite a 0-3-1 (no wins, three losses and one draw) start to the year. They have got a solid defence and an offence, featuring experienced players like Melanie Lewis and Marline Williams, that has loads of potential. Co-head coach Will Peguero states the team’s biggest challenge thus far is just finding out their identity.

“That’s the biggest challenge, it’s been a tough learning curve,” Peguero said. “We have two rookie quarterbacks and they’ve been putting in a lot of hard work, but it’s still tough.”

Peguero went on to say things around the team still look very positive, “We’ve got a lot of potential, if we can put together our talent, experience and bring up the rookies, we’ll be very good.”

The Jager Monsters sport a roster of perfect balance between veterans and rookie sensations and, according to Peguero, it’s just a matter of putting it together.

“We’re gaining momentum, we’re getting experience, playing as a team and we’re improving. It all just comes down to execution, and once that’s down pat, the sky is the limit.”

Peguero, a league referee last year, hasn’t set his sights so high, but does want a good year out of his talented squad.

“Our expectations are a good season and a good playoff run. I’m not thinking championship, but that’s definitely a possibility. We definitely have the talent, you know? It’s just a matter of putting it together, gaining that experience and taking advantage of our opportunities.”

The Jager Monsters, in spite of allowing 39 points through the first three games, are a defence-first team. Their strongest defenders are most effective in the pass rush they bring every time they’re on the field. Monique “Mo-Mo” Roberts is arguably their most feared rusher and, as Peguero states, she has been a force thus far in the year.

“Mo-Mo has been playing great this year and has really made a difference in our defence. She forces quarterbacks to rush a lot of throws and that gives a chance for the rest of our D to make a play.”

Helping Monique on the defensive end is the Monsters’ star linebacker Renee Thompson. Last year’s stand-out defensive player has used her height and quick feet well and Peguero states she continues to be a ball-hawking presence early in the season.

“Renee has been crazy good playing off Mo-Mo, every time Mo-Mo gets in there and forces a bad throw, Renee has been right there to pick off the throw and run it back for a score. Our defence is scoring a lot of points this year.”

The Jager Monsters undoubtedly have the pieces in place to put together a championship campaign, the talent and the will-power is there. However, according to their rookie coach, it all comes down to execution on offence.

“Our defence is set, they’re good. Our offence is slowly but surely putting it together, it’ll only be a matter of time before we figure things out and explode. Once that happens, our chances are very good.”

Lone Star are ready for a great season, they are ready to win games and win a championship. However, wins are not based off of heart and determination, they come as a result of hard work and on-field execution. Lone Star will be looking to execute better in their next contest at the Camana Bay sports field this Saturday, 30 June against the Subway Stingers at 10am.

Ultimately, the Jager Monsters are undoubtedly headed in the right direction, but only time will tell how far along that road they will get before the 
engine stalls.