Health policy completed

The Ministry of Health has announced the completion of a blueprint for the future of healthcare in the Cayman Islands. 

Health minister Mark Scotland presented the completed national health policy and strategic plan for the Cayman Islands to a stakeholder meeting last week. The policy document will be passed to Cabinet and then, upon final approval, will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly, at which point it will be made public. 

“The National Health Policy and Strategic Plan will provide the much-needed over-arching policy framework to help us address the challenges that we face, as well as helping us to capitalise on the opportunities that we have to enhance and promote health and well-being for all in the Cayman Islands. I want to thank all those who contributed their knowledge and expertise to come up with this document,” said Mr. Scotland. 

“While there are many good things about healthcare in the Cayman Islands, we are facing many challenges, including increasing costs and the need to ensure equitable access,” Mr. Scotland told the meeting, which was held on Thursday, 21 June. 

The policy document is the result of several meetings attended by participants from the public and private sector that were held in May and June. 

“With everyone’s input, we have now arrived at a simple and straightforward document that gives us a clear-cut vision and objectives,” Minister Scotland said. 

He said the policy focuses on preventive and pro-active healthcare. “People must take more responsibility for their health and I believe this policy lays the groundwork for a culture of pro-active healthcare where we move away from sick-care to wellness care.” 

Margareta Sköld, a representative from the Pan American Health Organisation and World Health Organisation, who attended the latest meeting, commended Mr. Scotland on his leadership in the process of drawing up the policy. 

“The new policy is a very realistic document that acknowledges the strengths in your system and recognises existing partnerships,” she said. 

The Pan American Health Organisation has been helping Cayman develop the strategic plan and provided a consultant to help with formulating it. 

Ms Sköld added that the policy document was “not an end in itself” but should be viewed as a practical plan to achieve the country’s goal of ensuring affordable and accessible healthcare for all. 

Minister Scotland

Health minister Mark Scotland, at podium, speaking at a meeting in May that kicked off the drafting of a new healthcare policy for the Cayman Islands. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED


  1. Whenever people that I do not know meet behind closed doors to discuss what is best for my health and my children’s health, I get nervous. I decided to do a little research on this one and it turns out that Margareta Skld is an advocate of mass vaccination and has just assisted Jamaica (where she is currently stationed) with an initiative called, Vaccination – an act of love–act-love
    So if I don’t agree to being vaccinated, I am a hater? What about the hundreds of girls who have recently had horrific adverse effects as a result of the Gardasil vaccine. Some have even died. This vaccine has been exposed as potentially dangerous to humans, yet Governments (funded by the pharmaceutical giant, Merck) in their wisdom have bowed down to the love of money rather than concern for the people.
    It is a shocking indictment on the leadership of this country that they would allow these devious sorts of programmes to be foisted on the people, especially without prior consultation.
    In light of what I have just written, please read the article again and you will see how these plans are wrapped up in flowery language designed to make us think that big government actually cares about our well-being. I think not. My brief experience on this planet tells me that no organisation has ever come to me and expressed genuine concern for my well-being, so why should they start now?
    Caymanian people, follow your hearts and don’t let these people intrude any further into your private lives.
    I am really saddened by this.

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