Undiscovered set to perform at Muzaic Festival

The band will join several others in the offerings

This year’s Cayman Music and Entertainment Association Muzaic Festival and awards ceremony will feature Undiscovered, one of the emerging bands in the Cayman Islands.

Comprised of Steven Walton on bass, Kenrouy Millwood on vocals, Bradley Bernard on drums and Beneil Miller on keyboard, the group of adolescent musicians has been together for several years and has been developing a progressive and lively style of music.

“We want to bring a fresh sound and show that Cayman youths are developing and doing well in music. This is the unit that we hope to do that with. The Muzaic festivities will be our first gig for the summer but we are looking for more,” Beneil says.

He says the members of the group have all recently returned from school overseas, where they are studying music, with the exception of Steve.

Kenrouy noted that the band started from a school Christmas programme and the guys never looked back. He said a lot of youngsters in the Cayman Islands love music “but once they leave school, they put it to the side because there is no medium for them to continue and their instruments end up rusting.”

With regard to Undiscovered’s influences, the guys say they listen to different types of music, including electronic, “But we believe in live music because you cannot express emotion through a computer. You have to play an instrument to be a voice through the instrument. Even if you use a computer, it is still good to learn an instrument to assist with melodies and harmonies in the music that is being created,” Beneil says.

He says he was not sure what the long-term goals of the band are but he knew that all the members are interested in progressing in their musical abilities.

The band has written material; however, they have not recorded any music. They say they plan to do so and were encouraged in this regard two years ago when Kenroy won an award for an original song during Pirates Week.

Beneil described Undiscovered as “young, energetic and passionate about music.”