Oneworld, one plan, 10 years

Ten years ago, Craig Urchyshyn and Daniel Ebanks shared a vision of starting their own DJ company.  

Now, a decade on, Oneworld is going strong as ever, says Craig – now the only remaining owner. 

“My background lies in events, whether it be providing music, organising or bartending and catering them.  

“It seems like as long as I am involved in generating a good time for people, I am in my element.  

“I believe it is this that makes me a natural for a company like Oneworld, which is a Promotions and Entertainment Services company. 

“I started DJing professionally here in Cayman – although I have a solid background from Canada – so my development as a DJ really happened here.  

“Just like all of Oneworld’s top DJs, I started out as a club and bar DJ, then merged with banquet and event DJing, currently sharply focusing on wedding DJing, which, these days, requires an understanding of club and banquet DJing.”  

For us, all entertainment calls for the right kind of tact and timing, and being sensitive to the client in special ways,” he tells Weekender. 


Product of the environment 

To celebrate the decade there’s a special party at Calico Jack’s on Tuesday, 3 July, Craig says. 

“It all begins at 6pm with a happy hour reception featuring Oneworld DJs accompanied by our live musicians, interluded with the acoustic duo of Little Magic.  

After Calico’s regular Jam night from 8 to 11pm, Oneworld’s DJs mix-off at the monthly Full-Moon Party from 11pm to late. 

“This will no doubt be a presentation of talent that has never before been seen in one night, at one location in Cayman, certainly worthy of a Oneworld 10-Year Anniversary.” 

And why not. Certainly there have been a few memorable moments over the years, Craig says. 

“My favourite moments in bar and club DJing were definitely the good times I had at Bed, O-Bar, and the legendary Tuesday night DJ Jam-Nights held at DJ’s Cantina.  

And what took place at DJ’s Cantina leads me to some of the more relevant great moments, which are the numerous DJs (local and expatriate) who got involved with Oneworld from the Jam night, and other events.  

I am very proud of our DJ recruitment history, in the fact that Oneworld has worked with so many Caymanian DJs over the past 10 years, and has ended up with the best and most professional DJ roster anywhere, currently including Caymanians Mark Cummings and Shane Mascal, as well as Odalis Garcia. 

“Currently, my favourite moments are when recognise that I have made a positive impact on someone’s special personal event and thus their own personal history, or when I recognise that I have made a positive contribution to a successful charity event and thus its future,” he says. 


When you’re right, you’re right 

And while Hurricane Ivan put a small spanner in the works, it also presented an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and continue to support the surges of music and bands in the Caymanian industry, he says. 

“With a lot of patience and effort, Oneworld is currently essentially 100 per cent powered and operated by Caymanian owners and entertainers. This was a goal of ours from the start, and it will be a goal to continue to strive for, with a continuation of our existing local recruitment policy. However, we cannot disregard the powerful influence that foreign talent has brought to Oneworld, and we will continue to always look out for those non-Caymanian DJs and musicians, who can help add to the diversity that makes Oneworld unique. 

“The future starts with the present in one other very important regard, with live music.  

Eden Hurlston brought his vast background and experience with live music to Oneworld when he joined several years ago. Monthly Showcases at Camana Bay, Acoustic-Fusion band, Little Magic and hand-percussion ensemble, I Am … A World of Rhythm, are prime examples of our unique live music offerings.  

We’re expanding entertainment in Cayman, as well as Oneworld as a business.  

We definitely plan to continue this trend in the future, providing diverse, quality entertainment for years to come.”