Editorial for 3 July: A thanks of Olympic size

Some people are born to motivate and lead.

When Betty Baraud looks in the mirror each
day, she sees just such a person.

But what we see when we look at Ms Baraud
is a humble human who has a desire to motivate and lead not out of personal
gain, but to help out her fellow man.

Under Betty’s guidance and tenacity, the
Cayman Islands Olympic Committee has raised nearly $1.5 million over the years
to send our athletes to various games the world over.

It began when her son, Stefan, was a
17-year-old cyclist on the Cayman Islands team preparing for the 1992 Olympics
in Barcelona and hasn’t stopped yet.

Money she has helped raised has assisted
athletes to prepare for other tournaments, including the Pan American Games,
Commonwealth Games and Central America and Caribbean Games.

The five beneficiaries for next month’s
London Olympics are sprinters Cydonie Mothersill and Kemar Hyman, high hurdler
Ronald Forbes and swimming brothers Shaune and Brett Fraser.

Because of the efforts of the Olympic
Committee and Betty’s uncanny ability to make you want to give your money to
this worthy cause, we’re not only able to send our worthy athletes to these
important games, but the committee is also in a position to offer winners
financial rewards.

One of the secrets behind the successful
fundraising efforts is fun; Betty is masterful at coming up with ways to make
money that keep people entertained and in good humour. Too, it’s just such a
worthy cause.

But as those individuals and companies that
donate outside of fundraisers know, you don’t have to attend a money making
event to become part of the Olympic dream. The committee gladly accepts
donations from all, at any time. We know that the five athletes we’re sending
to London for the summer games later this month will do the Cayman Islands
proud. And they know that they’ll be there, in part, because of Betty Baraud
and the Olympic Committee that work so hard to make their – and our – dreams
come true.

Thank you to all involved.