District council to hold new election

Talliers confirm mistake in ballot counting

North Side residents who voted for their district council officials last week Thursday will have a chance to do so again. 

After the elections were concluded and the district council meeting adjourned, North Side Member of the Legislative Assembly Ezzard Miller was speaking to constituents about Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly matters when a number of people who had attended the council meeting returned to the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre asking for a vote recount. 

One of the three women who had served as a tallier confirmed that a mistake had occurred in the counting of votes for chairman. The announced results were that Stanley Panton had received 25 votes and Joey Ebanks had received 24. Mr. Panton was declared the winner and Mr. Ebanks was subsequently nominated for vice chairman. He accepted and was declared vice chairman after no other nominations were received. 

However, the tallier explained, when she and two colleagues counted votes for the post of treasurer, they found three ballots that had apparently been stuck in the folded flaps at the bottom of the cardboard ballot box. They were determined to be from the count for chairman. 

After vigorous discussion, Mr. Miller and outgoing chairman Alex Johnson, who had conducted the elections, suggested that the matter be dealt with according to Robert’s Rules of Order. 

As a result, Mr. Panton will set a date for the next meeting of the district council and another election will be held at that time.