Sports camps are free this summer

Sports help children build character, discipline, coordination and physical fitness, as well as learning about team work, making new friends and burning excess energy. Thanks to the Department of Sports’ summer camp programme, children will have ample opportunity to practice and participate in a number of sports this year.

Most camps are suitable for children ages 6 to 17, although one of the swimming camps is geared toward 4 to 9 years olds.

Camps run for about three hours each and children can choose to participate in netball, basketball, football and swimming. Thanks to sponsorship of the ministry of sports, these camps are free to join. Parents or carers can view the timetable and download the registration forms on the Department of Sports’ website (

Parents, guardians or carers are asked to ensure children come to camp having eaten a good meal, so they will have plenty of energy to stay active. Although drinks will be provided, children should also bring some snacks and the correct gear for the sport they will be participating in. Parents are asked to collect their children no later than 30 minutes after the end of the camp.