Fun Day highlights heritage

More than 100 primary school students involved in a heritage arts programme were recently rewarded for their efforts with a family fun day at Barkers Beach West Bay. 

The event, staged by Cayman Traditional Arts, gave students the opportunity to highlight cultural heritage through activities planned for the day. 

Activities enjoyed were thatch weaving, catboat rides, fishing, cooking fish and fritters on the caboose, kite flying, driftwood sign painting, campfire cooking and thatch rope tug of war. 

East End parent Stephanie Bodden said she heard so much talk about the programme all year round from son Deandre. She looked forward to attending and enjoying cultural activities with her son. 

“He always enjoyed the hands-on approach, which gave an insightful look into our heritage” she said. Young Deandre wished to do it again with other children from different schools. 

The fun day of cultural heritage was also exciting for CTA staff, which lent their expertise to the occasion by demonstrating local activities such as thatch weaving, kite flying, conch shell blowing and other activities. 

Rosa Reynolds enjoyed fried fritters smothered with mango jam, served on sea grape leaf cooked by son Izaya, relaxing underneath the grape trees. “It was an excellent day with the kids and parents,” she said. 

Blonde Uzzle, Heritage Arts Program coordinator, said it was a successful fist time turn out and well-attended event. 

“We had a lot of positive feedback from teachers and parents which made the learning experience more meaningful to the children of the activities enjoyed long ago. 

She said the recipes children learned were very basic and simple. Some parents were excited at knowing their children were learning to cook traditional recipes they had not tried before.  

Students also got the opportunity to raise funds for a school summer vacation by selling items they had worked on during the arts programme. 

“It was delightful to see the students demonstrate a high quality of confidence and knowledge in themselves and the work they were carrying out,” said Ms Uzzle thanking parents, teachers, students and the Premier’s officer for supporting the programme. 

According to Heritage Arts organisers, the programme allows children to get away from electronic games and participate in wholesome activities promoting a creative and healthy lifestyle. 

CTA looks forward to embracing new ideas for the program in September.  

CTA Fun Day 2

Catboat rides was an activity of the day. – Photos: Submitted

CTA Fun Day 3

Youngsters show off their catch of the day.