Killa fears outrageous scoring

Charles ‘Da Killa’ Whittaker is getting in shape for the biggest fight of his career and is desperate to get it staged in the Cayman Islands to ensure he gets a fair result from the judges.

Whittaker is rated No.2 in the IBF junior-middleweight rankings and negotiating with Gabriel Rosado, a Philadelphian, ranked a place below the 
West Bay fighter.

The contest must take place on 21 September and the deal should be agreed by 19 July. If a match cannot be made by the end of next week then it goes to purse bids which Killa is confident of winning – if he gets the Government’s support. The winning bid is likely to be over $200,000.

But he fears that if he has to go to Rosado’s backyard the American will be scored favourably, in a similar way Tim Bradley won controversially against Manny Pacquiao recently.

The winner gets an automatic shot against IBF champ Cornelius Bundrage, who stopped Cory Spinks in seven rounds two 
weeks ago.

Rosado, 26, has won 20 of his 25 bouts, including 12 knockouts. Whittaker has won 38 (KO 23), lost 12 and drawn twice in a career spanning 19 years. The 38-year-old is unbeaten 
for eight years.

Killa last fought in November. He was planning a contest for April but got pneumonia and pulled out.

Both have a similar opponent in Keenan Collins. Killa outpointed Collins at Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Centre a year ago and Rosado also outpointed him in his next bout three months later.

“I want to bring the fight here,” said Whittaker. “I don’t want it in Rosado’s hometown. His TV company, NBC, has a 16-show deal and they want Rosado, who has featured on their last four shows, to keep winning.

“He’s a young, strong, energetic kid, but I know I can beat him. But not necessarily in his hometown where he is so popular. The judges are likely to come from around that area and they will no doubt favour him. If it is staged here, the judges are likely to be from Florida and more neutral.

“The last time I fought in Philadelphia, in 2003, I won on points but it was almost a hometown decision because one judge gave it a ridiculous draw when I clearly won. Thankfully, the others got it right.

“That’s why I’m prepared to put the fight on here, through my company, Knockout Productions. I’ve got another TV company prepared to come if NBC don’t but that will drive up my costs.


  1. I respect Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker for what he’s done with his life and boxing career… up to a point.

    After 19 years in the ring, can Charles really call himself a ‘professional’ boxer if he still has to come running to the CI Govt. to fund his fights ?

    After all, these are public funds paid out from tax-payers earnings, who cannot run to the CI Govt., cap-in-hand, to help pay their bills.

    And what benefits do the people of Cayman have to show for their investment in Charles career, to date ?

    Cydonie Mothersill has medaled, won legitimate world acclaim as one of the world’s very top sprinters and represented Cayman on the world stage, in comparison.

    This dream of Charles has never materialised into the lucrative career that the sport of boxing provides for its champions…how long does he expect the people of Cayman to support him, financially ?

    What happens now, at age 38, should Charles not be granted this fight in Cayman, or lose this fight; each of Charles next fights, we hear, is the one BEFORE a world championship bout but that ultimate championship fight has never materialised…and now we hear the same story again.

    It might be better if Charles quit this free ride he’s been having and come on the CI Govt’s payroll as a professional boxing coach and help to prepare the next generation of Cayman’s young boxers to become world champions.

    At least he would be earning his keep.

  2. It explains why they only want to pay him 6k. The earlier report tried to make it sound like he was being shafted.

    Perhaps the bigger pay out in the US is because they can charge for pay per view there, the area would be bigger. Sponsers could be gotten to help put money into the purse.

    If you bring it here, it’s not going to get any of that.

    So, if Whittaker wants more money, he has to take a chance like everyone else. And go fight abroad.

  3. You go Killa,
    There are Caymanians who admire you and are behind you 100%.
    Of course there will always be the critics who are the Cayman Crabs that will never ever stand behind their own people and always agree that Caymanians should continue to be disenfranchised.

    let us show patriotism for our Caymanians who have been great achievers in sports and as a boxer we are very proud of Whittaker.
    Just like the expats stand together against Cayanians its time for Caymanians to stand behind Caymanians like Killa. He has a good point, anyone who understands the politics and psychology of sports would agree wholeheartedly with Killa.
    congratulations Killa, you always do Cayman proud and we appreciate the Premier who stands behind our young ople in supporting them sports. Thats more than I can say for the PPM who did nothing to help him. Yes Government should get involved and give our athletes substantial stipends for their hard work and achievements putting Cayman on the map time and time again.
    Kudos Killa you go man, keep up the good boxing works!

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