Employees must have time to vote

Election Law rules are in effect for referendum

Although Referendum Day, 18 July, is a holiday, there are people who will be working in such fields as essential services and tourism-related operations. Employees who are registered voters must be given time off to cast their ballot. 

The Referendum (Single-Member Constituencies) Law sets out the legal basis for having the people give their opinion on what has come to be called the “one man, one vote” question. Where procedures are not set out in the referendum law, the Elections Law is to be followed.  

Issues include advertising, liquor sales and specified offences, Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said. 

Regarding time off from work, the law states that employers must allow all employees who are registered voters to have a reasonable period to vote. Further, no employer can deduct pay or impose any penalty on the worker who takes 
time to vote. 

Since voters are registered in the district they live in, past experience has shown that many vote on their way to work or on their way home, depending on their circumstances. Polls are open from 7am to 6pm. 

Any employer who refuses or interferes with an employee’s time for voting is guilty of an offence and, on conviction, liable to a fine of $500 or imprisonment for six months.  

All establishments licensed under the Liquor Licensing Law are forbidden from selling, offering for sale or giving away intoxicating liquor between the opening of the polls and one hour after the polls close: that is, from 7am to 7pm. Anyone convicted of an offence under this section of the Elections Law is liable to a fine of $500 or imprisonment for six months. 

The Elections Office also reminds the public that, as with general elections, all referendum advertisements must cease at midnight on 17 July and all banners, buntings, and ensigns must be removed from the public domain by that deadline as well. The use of loudspeakers and the wearing of T-shirts, pins or other paraphernalia are also forbidden on polling day supporting either a yes or no vote. This also applies to motor vehicles. The public should be aware of the other offences contained in the Elections Law which also apply for this referendum. These include but are not limited to bribery, treating and undue influence. 

“Police and the Elections Office will be monitoring this closely and anyone who has knowledge of any such alleged infraction should contact either the Police, Elections Office or the Returning Officer for the district in which the alleged infraction has occurred,” states a new release from the Elections Office. 

Kearney Gomez

Mr. Gomez


  1. A National Vote is the way to go! People who have lived or live where one man one vote system is implemented have horror stories to tell Caymanians about how Foreigners have taken over their electoral boundaries because they outnumber the locals and push them out of the state or even their own city where they were born or raised. Ezzard, nor Arden are in a position to push this dangerous OMOV down their throats. Neither is Austin nor Gilbert qualified to push it down your throat. The foreign journalists and the Chamber are on board because this is the non-Caymanians dream come through. Gordon Barlow that is famous for name calling Caymanians Stupid Idiots may indeed become the first Expat Premier if Caymanians are blindsided by Ezzard Arden and Wayne Panton on this dangerous voting system. You will regret it as you lose political power to Expats! On July 18, 2012 VOTE NO

  2. Anyone that has lived overseas should honestly make every effort protect Caymanians from this dangerous OMOV. Dr. McField a Sociologist should lead the way, and explain why.
    Its time politicians tell the truth and lets see how many of them are willing to sign a sworn affidavit to the truth in detail, about what really happens where the one man one vote is the system of voting is concerned and exactly where it will really take Caymanians.

    Does anyone have any idea why we now have Little Haiti and Little Havana in Miami, Florida?
    It is a direct result of the electoral boundary system that pushed these national demographics to the very top of the political power once held by Americans!

    They have elected themselves into government and they are in charge,changed the local people’s history and now there is; A Haitian Mayor in N. Miami, and dozens of Cuban Legislators looking out for Cubans who rule Miami Florida with an iron hand.
    These people are immigrants from Communist Cuba IN CHARGE OF US local and state GOVERNMENT! I say this without bias or prejudice in hope of showing Caymanians the true picture of what they are facing with this rushed OMOV petition that should be replaced by a NATIONAL VOTE that has no restrictions on voters or where they live and who they can vote for.

    Americans are now the Indians on a reservations and almost a dirty word, because of electoral boundary division, they can’t even get a job! These new national demographics people have full control of the local and state commerce and they have the jobs tied up!
    Because they are now the GOVERNMENT!

    THAT IS WHAT ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES WILL DO FOR CAYMAN if you follow Mr. Ezzard Miller and Arden Mclean who do not know what life is in another country. You cannot listen to people who have their own interest in mind! They have never lived in a fully operational single member constituency where the entire country is governed by, only in their little district. That is not enough experience, to push this OMOV down the people’s throats.

    Is getting rid of the premier and 3 West Bayers more important than keeping political control in the hands of Caymanians?

    I hope I don’t have to come back with I TOLD YOU SO!


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