JetBlue starts Cayman flights

US-based JetBlue Airways will launch two new flights to the Cayman Islands, starting in November of this year.

Premier McKeeva Bush confirmed the flights Thursday. They include a year-round, non-stop service to New York and a seasonal service to Boston.

Mr. Bush said the announcement was the culmination of about two years of negotiation between Cayman tourism officials and JetBlue.

“Reaching this agreement to provide services is an exciting and welcomed result which will move the destination closer to achieving our goal of increasing visitors to the Cayman Islands from two of our top source markets,” Mr. Bush said..

New York City currently ranks in the top spot for visitors and Boston ranks at number four. “Having a well-regarded and highly popular brand like JetBlue bringing travellers to our shores will go a long way to continuing the positive trends that we have been seeing over the last three years from a stayover visitor perspective,” Premier Bush said.

JetBlue flights will serve Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman three times a week starting on 17 November. The flights will arrive and depart on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. The seasonal service from Boston’s Logan International Airport will start with Saturday flights.

“The service from JFK and [Boston] comes at the perfect time to support our high season market,” said Cayman Islands Tourism Association Executive Director Jane Van der Bol.



  1. It’s amazing to me that the government officials would be so thrilled with the JetBlue connection. Their own carrier does those routes. How on earth will that help Cayman Airways to have one more American competitor taking their business. Why would the government promote something that will only hurt their own?

  2. This is exactly why Cayman does not need a government run airline. The private sector can do it better and cheaper.

    What the government needs to do is to focus on improving the airport. Build it and they will come. Lengthen the runway and build a new terminal. Oh, I forgot. Government is too busy keeping themselves in power campaigning against One Man One Vote.

    And while you’re at it build a facility for the new larger cruise ships. The cruise industry only gave everyone ten years advance notice. But, government is too busy buying votes with free home repair money. Time to throw the entire lot of them out and start over. Goodness, they can’t even get a proper budget done and approved on time.

    Government needs to focus on what brings revenue to the country, cruise ships and stay over visitors. Do that and there might be enough extra money to make the payment on the Turtle Farm.