Teen arrested with gun and ammo

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and following the recovery of a firearm and ammunition in the South Sound area Thursday.

The arrest was made after Royal Cayman Islands Police officers responded to a report of a burglary in Bodden Town around 3pm Thursday. It was reported that the person who was responsible for the break-in had left the scene in a stolen Honda CRV.

A short time later, officers saw the vehicle enter the Cayman Crossing condo complex in South Sound Road. The driver of the CRV stopped the vehicle and ran off. Officers arrested him a short distance away. A firearm and a quantity of ammunition was subsequently recovered.

The teenager has been arrested on suspicion of possession of an unlicensed firearm, burglary and taking and driving away a vehicle without the owners consent. 


  1. Cayman has a gun range. Why doesn’t someone start a gun rental place.

    Allow the kids to shoot guns, in the safety of a range instructor. And show them, that guns aren’t toys.

    It would also take away the cool factor of guns as well.

    So with one simple business venture. Someone creates some caymanian jobs running a gun range, renting guns, as range instructors.

    It teaches kids gun safety, respect for firearms, and would reduce the amount of illegal gun ownership, because you remove the cool factor of having something no one else can use.
    Since anyone can now rent a gun, at the gun range and shoot it.

  2. Well soul rebel. Care to elaborate on that?

    I don’t see you coming up with any solutions?

    what I suggested makes perfect sense.

    Half the time, these kids get caught with guns, is because they think they are all cool and bad. And because they have never held a gun, or fired one.

    Take away the cool factor of guns. And you remove alot of the want for illegal gun ownership.

    But of course, what an idiot idea that is!

  3. Berd – I think your logic is a bit flawed. People are worried about the prevalence of guns on the island and you want to open a gun rental place and provide more guns?

    I really don’t think these kids getting caught with guns are doing because they want to be cool or bad. The problem is probably much deeper than that and likely started with their parents and how they were brought up.

  4. So lets get this straight, Big Berd.
    We start up a scheme to train youngsters how to use a gun, which would include hitting targets….ok.
    The only apparent benefit of untrained kids with guns at the moment is that there is a possibility that they would MISS their target.
    And you seriously think your suggestion is a good one? Get real, man. What you smokin?

  5. Kudos to the RCIP force. What I like best about this story is the punk got taken out of the game early and no one got hurt. Armed robbery and grand theft auto ought to have this loser behind bars for a long time. He blew the gang initiation and now he gets to enjoy the receiving end of whole different culture.

  6. Big Berd…

    Like Romany’s said…whatever you smokin, you need to quit, mate; its proper messing with your brain LOL!

    Let me see if I can follow your muddled logic here.

    A 16 yro wants to steal a car and burgle a house, right ?

    He has a gun to use in the burglarly but doesn’t know how to use it properly…so…you set up a gun range, along with professional trainers to teach him to use it properly…and while you’re at it, you provide a gun rental service for other wanna-be gunmen as well ?

    And who’s to blame when he shoots the homeowner of the house he’s burgling dead…because he’s actually been trained to shoot properly and accurately ?

    Mate, you need to go see a shrink right quick.

    Your idea of a gun range ain’t a bad one at all…for the honest and law-abiding homeowner…

    Do you remember what happened to the last burgler who broke into a trained gun-owner’s house, a senior member of the Gun Club ?

    Who would you rather be laying on that slab in the morgue, the burgler or the homeowner ?

    You need to sober up before you post comments on this forum, mate.

  7. Big Berd

    while you are at it why not lower the legal drinking age to 11 and let teenagers try ganga, heroin, crack, whatever to take the cool factor out of all that.

    Your sugesstion reminds me of intiatives in the UK to stop teenagers twocking (taking motor vehicles without the owners consent or joy riding) that let them modify cars for driving on our stock car tracks.

    The theory was that it would satisfy their need for speed but what it actually did was teach them all the tricks they needed to kill themselves and anyone who got in the way.

    The way to take the cool factor out of illegal ownership of a firearm is simple – you make it clear that anyone caught and convicted is going to spend the next few years learning that dropping the soap in the shower is a dumb move.