Nations united to fight back

In Round 2 the Cayman Summer Mixed touch Rugby League started with some fiery games, some dazzling strikes, some dodgy footwork and a couple of sizzling runs at the South Sound Rugby Ground.

In Division 1, a game of contrasts is always a fascinating prospect and this was true when Maples2 confronted the Genesis Five Nations.

Both teams were short of some key players but both teams put together an exciting game that kept the crowd sitting on tenterhooks until the final whistle.

Maples2 stunned Five Nations with an early individual strike from Marc Randall. This was an early warning of what Randall had in store for them as he continually tormented the Nations defence.

Ably accompanied by the barnstorming Finn O’Hegarty, Maples2 took a surprising 3-1 lead into half-time. However, Genesis Five Nations bounced back in the second half. Exploiting defensive weaknesses out wide first Mick Kehoe, then Laren Gillespie and Caroline Deegan ran in easy tries from two metres out.

It looked like Maples2 had shot their bolt but once again Randall and O’Hegarty crossed the line to take a 5-4 lead. Genesis Five Nations pulled out a score that broke the hearts if not the spirit of Maples2. A commendable 5-5 draw.

DART notched up their inaugural Division 1 victory with a great 5-3 win over Ogier. Originally daunted by their inclusion in the highest division, DART showed that they clearly belong in the top tier.

A blistering hat-trick from Ryan Ostendorf made all the difference as Ogier struggled with a reduced roster for the second round in a row. The extras were added by Alex Parvnik, down the centre and right-winger Mat Bishop. Jennifer Collins made a valuable contribution for Ogier to win the MVP award but tries from Brad Conolly and David Cooney couldn’t rescue the result for Ogier.

Maples1 gave Trident Titans a lesson in clinical finishing and handed the Titans their first loss of the season. The new season has started well for the champions with two big wins.

Ten Maples1 tries from Jyoti Choi (3), Joanne Ziegler (2) and one a-piece from Scott MacDonald, Adam Huckle, Chris Palmer, Mark Fagan and Joan Murphy were answered by three from Trident Titans’ Nic Swartz, Dean Curtis and David Laau taking the honours – final score 10-3.

A special mention goes to Dean Curtis who returns to his New Zealand homeland. A fine player combined with the good humour needed to play touch rugby, he will be sorely missed by his teammates and opponents alike.

Stepping Stones continued their good form of Round 1 with a controlled 6-1 victory over KPMG1. Sharing the tries throughout the team, they use a combination of quick passing and quick thinking to overrun their opponents. Vikki Piaso won the MVP not only for scoring a great try but also for her effervescent performance and encouragement of teammates.

This was an early warning of what Randall had in store for them as he continually tormented the Nations defence.