Cayman readies itself for staycation season

Cometh the summer, cometh the staycation. 

Hotels and attractions in the Cayman Islands are preparing offers for local residents to come and join the tourist experience without the cost of flying abroad. 

The programme is coordinated by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, the nonprofit body which represents more than 200 tourism-related businesses from water sports and attractions to accommodations and restaurants. 

Harry Lalli, president of the association, said the staycation scheme had become “extremely beneficial to the Cayman Islands economy”. 

“It began four years ago when the economy crashed, so the Cayman Islands Tourism Association looked for a way to increase business for its members during the already notoriously slow season. The staycation promotion was the solution. “It’s a sink or swim situation for local businesses, deeply discounting gives residents an opportunity to enjoy their own piece of paradise while allowing for businesses to thrive locally, which is a win-win for everyone,” Mr. Lalli said.  


Take time out  

Jane van der Bol, executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, said businesses work hard all year to attract visitors to the Cayman Islands, but often residents do not have the time to enjoy the islands themselves. 

“We talk about the incredible beaches, the pristine turquoise water, the Caymankind hospitality, the fun things to see and do from water sports, to swimming with the dolphins to our culinary gems,” she said. “But we are so busy working hard, we don’t take time to enjoy them ourselves. It’s great to get out and see what’s new locally, eat somewhere you haven’t been before or go to an old favourite for a great deal. Staycations give you a chance to rediscover paradise. 

“I just recently had a much needed staycation with my daughter. It allowed me a chance to spend some time with her without the distraction of work, errands and to-do lists,” she said. “We were both able to just enjoy each other and shut off for the long weekend, which we don’t often have time to do,” she added. 


Current offers are available from which is being constantly updated as more businesses get involved. 

Seven Mile Beach Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is one of many attractions in Grand Cayman that are worth taking the time for. – Photo: File