Editorial for 17 July: Exercise your right to vote

Tomorrow is an historic day in the Cayman Islands.

There is no doubt that today the radio talk shows will be
filled with rhetoric trying to persuade you, the voter, on how to mark your
ballot tomorrow during the One Man One Vote Referendum.

Unlike other newspapers the world over, we’re not about to
make suggestions on how you should cast your vote; that’s not our job.

We have made a good faith effort to present both sides of
the argument of one man one vote so that you can make your best decision.

Yes, the Caymanian Compass agrees, in principal, with the one
man one vote concept, but it is incumbent on the people who are registered,
legal voters to educate themselves about the issue and mark their ballots
accordingly tomorrow.

We urge everyone who is eligible to show up at the polls on
Wednesday and make their mark.

Remember to leave behind your cell phones and cameras, even
though this will be a history-making vote, whether it is approved or not.

Whatever the final count, we hope that government does take
the matter seriously and address the concerns of the people who live here.

While there are only a little more than 15,000 registered
voters in a country of more than 55,000 people, those who are registered have
listened to ideas of those who aren’t eligible to vote and will – hopefully –
reflect the wishes of their families and friends and cast their vote after
thorough thought, examination and discussion.

Remember tomorrow that all election laws are in place, even
though this is a referendum; the second one held in the Cayman Islands.

Be sure to keep up with the voting throughout the day on
Wednesday at www.cayCompass.com and pick up your copy of Thursday’s Caymanian
Compass early Thursday morning when we plan to have full coverage of the
election and results.

If you are a registered voter in the Cayman Islands, please
go out tomorrow and exercise your right and duty to vote.

The ability to vote is a privilege and one that must be