GT Primary gets arts centre

George Town Primary School will have a new centre for performing arts at the start of the new school year in September.

The centre will be designed around the Black Box theatre concept. The black box is considered by many to be a place where more “pure” theatre can be explored, with the most human and least technical elements being in focus.

It will consist of removable staging and seating; mirrors and dance bar, female and male changing rooms and restrooms and a storage room for props and music equipment.

The estimated cost of the new building is about $360,000.

The cost of the centre is being funded by companies ICF Builders, Pulse Electrical, JD Plumbing, ER Construction, Sherwin Bennet & Sons, Edwards Tiling, Verdie & Sons Landscaping Service, Hydes & Sons, Robert Towell Chartered Architect, Tom Bolas, Structural Engineer Suppliers, The Flowers Group, CEPP, AL Thompsons, Kirk Home Center, Cox Lumber, Elite Marble & Granite, Chewat Concrete Bodden Town, National Concrete, Robinson Flooring, Paul Bodden Heavy Equipment and S&S Bobcat and consultants Neil Rooney and Johnathan Correia of Exeter (Phoenix Group of Companies), Paul de Freitas, Henry Muttoo and Charles Gregory of Hopscotch Recording Studios will be joining Davenport efforts with labour and materials.

Principal Marie Martin and Cheyenna Stewart, Parent Teachers Association fundraising coordinator, are in full support of the new project.

“The centre came about after a casual conservation with Ms Martin and Ms Stewart with Davenport developers regarding their assistance with installation of the school’s new playground,” said Ms Stewart.

“Ms. Martin simply threw it out, ‘Well if you are going to help with the playground why don’t you build our music centre too and oh for free?’ This shocked the developer for words and when he did regain his composure, Davenport’s Paul Pearson said, ‘I think we could do it, let me make some calls’. Within 24 hours they said they would do it. It was a day to remember,” said Ms Stewart.

The Centre will offer amazing opportunities to the children of George Town Primary by the way of revealing physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

In addition to constructing the centre, Davenport is also sponsoring the development of the school’s new playground and amphitheatre.

“Davenport is a long-term supporter of George Town Primary School and we’ve been involved in a number of initiatives over the years, including the Positive Intervention Now Program. We are delighted to be leading this exciting project, and to be involved in the building of the playground and amphitheatre,” said Mr. Pearson, director, Davenport Development Ltd. “We’d like to thank all of the local contractors, suppliers and consultants involved in this project for their charitable donations. Education is fundamental to the progress and growth of these Islands, and our collaborative efforts will provide new opportunities to students and help nurture our young talent.”